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Time for a change

The most joyous thing we can do as people is to grow, develop and renew ourselves. Most people get themselves stuck in a rut and can’t move out of it. 142 more words


Dissolved Girl

The drink goes instantly to my head. I part my lips and close my eyes, feeling a burning rush of giddy confidence fill my chest. 25 more words

Flash Fiction


This morning was a big weigh-in, because I had set myself a little mini-goal, which was always going to be incredibly tough to meet. I was looking to lose half a stone during the fortnight period, before taking time off from the diet and I knew that was going to be really hard! 617 more words


Currently Drinking:

I’ve already been to 85C in San Jose three times now in one week. I’d say we have a problem. I was actually planning on writing a post this week about the different ways that I’ve been saving my money lately and one of those things is because I have stopped drinking Starbucks every day on the reg and instead drinking the Blue Bottle Coffee that is now provided at work. 130 more words


Banana smoothie

Recently it has all been about using up old bananas. There are always old bananas in my fridge. I honestly don’t know where they come from, I think they might be breeding in the back of the vegetable bin or reproducing on the top shelf behind all the condiments. 157 more words


Hops 'n' Dawgs Thursdays at Archive Beer Boutique

When you mix together big American beers, big American food and big American sport at Brisbane’s best beer bar, what does it mean? It means it’s time for some Hops ‘n’ Dawgs. 73 more words