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Let's hear it for the Girls 6: Found a new one: Prunella Clough

Idly wandering round the art review pages of newspapers sometimes reaps dividends as have just come across this review for an exhibition of Prunella Clough: … 97 more words

11. Favorite Room

One of my absolute favorite places to sit and relax.. our family room in our home in Teton Valley, Idaho. This little sitting area near the pellet stove is such a comfy little spot to warm up, read a book, relax, or look out the doors and see the kids playing in the yard – or on a clear day see the top of Grand Teton peeking over the mountains.

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45. Statutes/Statues

I really like this statue because he’s a little unique…

I know the angle looks odd on him, it’s because he’s here:

This guy is on the roof of a realty office on the corner of the main intersection in Driggs, Idaho… it’s the only stop light in town! =)

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Let's hear it for the girls 1: Elsie B Driggs

As with literature, we often find ourselves admiring the dead white males, but what about the women in art?

Elsie B Driggs has become one of my favourite artists. 158 more words


29. On Two Wheels

In the winter in Driggs, Idaho you see these bikes everywhere. They look a little odd, but these “fat tire” bikes allow you to ride your bike through the snow! 21 more words

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28. Natural Beauty

Horses are such beautiful animals. This one was standing near a barbed wire fence being taunted by the hay bale that was dropped on the other side but hadn’t been given to her to eat yet. 30 more words

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New on 500px : Cold Afternoon by swhite

I think this will be the last of my cold photos for awhile… ready to think about warmth and sunshine!

via 500px http://ift.tt/1tPkKY0

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