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Mortuary steps up security after more than 300 corpses go missing from station

STAFF at a morgue in Verge Vendor have vowed to increase security after hundreds corpses were stolen from a station in the Tierjev system.
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Empire News

Drifters killed by capsuleers at Yulai station

ISD and numerous eyewitness reported four Drifter vessels on grid at the DED Assembly plant in Yulai.

Apollo and Artemis Tyrannos are currently on grid with the DED Assembly plant in Yulai…

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Self-proclaimed 'Pope of New Eden' abolishes Minmatar slavery and calls for no-confidence vote in Empress Sarum

CAPSULEER Max Singularity has proclaimed himself “Harbinger of Faith” and “Pope of New Eden” following the death of his father Phillip Singularity yesterday.

The now head of the House Singularity has today announced in a press release that all Minmatar House slaves are free and welcome to leave, however they are welcome to “continue their duties as they feel fit”. 1,079 more words

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Drifter threat analysis continues to develop

Since the initial drifter threat was identified over a month ago, new information has been discovered about this mysterious menace – but their origin and motivations still remain a mystery. 43 more words


Friendship is Magic

Xiong “Wendy” Cheng rode her horse out to the Blake Ranch as the sun descended in the late afternoon sky. In the distance, a ranch hand wrangled cattle back to their corrals, circling his horse around and cracking his whip. 3,068 more words

AEG's Doomtown: Reloaded Fiction

Leading Imperial weapons manufacturer confirms research on Antikythera Element

In a brief statement issued today, Imperial Armaments have confirmed that a specialist team has been assigned to research hardware salvaged from destroyed Drifter battleships and assess the viability of reverse engineering any discovered technology for potential application in future projects. 7 more words


Drifters 'source' of Tranquillity connection issues

POLARIS have confirmed that the connection issues experienced by capsuleers have been the results of a series of DDoS attacks on the vital Tranquillity network. 216 more words