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Chasing the Ghost of Hilen Tukoss: Mysteries of G5ED-Y

“Real life” kept me away from Eve for the better part of a month, but I’m back!  After catching up on all the EveMail, Reddit threads, and Twitter twittery, I came across a video from… 1,492 more words

Eve Online

Drifters Anime Announced

After completing Hellsing, author Kouta Hirano began work a new manga entitled Drifters in Young King Ours magazine in the spring of 2009. The… 295 more words


Back but Forward

This year has been a whirlpool of decisions. We were adamant in staying put here in Los Angeles, deciding to just make a life.  But, Michael had applied to grad school in Humboldt County (our second home). 421 more words

9 May 2015

Today I took a picture of some drifters.


Jeepers... Creepers Everywhere

I’ve been in Turkey a couple weeks now and one thing that is super noticeable riding around is that the Turkish drivers do not like to stay in their own lanes. 832 more words


The blog post about Washington D.C. where I reference Mary Tyler Moore and the Humpty Dance

The first time I flew was shortly after America discovered that large parts of the world hate everything about us, which means that I show up to the airport a solid two and a half hours before my plane boards, just to be safe. 1,037 more words

Legal Instruments

“Yes, this space should do nicely,” said Judge Harry Somerset as he paced the floor of the Killer Bunnies Casino. The early morning sun cast his shadow long against the wooden floor. 472 more words

AEG's Doomtown: Reloaded Fiction