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The Dress Code

Here’s something I can’t live without in my D/s relationship – dressing, at all times, my submissive. I just need to control this woman. And I’m not talking something ridiculously sexed up but just every day dressing my submissive. 263 more words



I’ve never met a dancer who is not hyper specific about her taste in leotards.  Tight and supportive, soft and worn in, bright, dark, feminine, sporty, strappy, simple; There are a lot of options and even more opinions.   565 more words


Dress Code - Different factors influencing policies

First and foremost, there are absolutely no federal dress code requirements. It is completely up to the employer to decide how the employees should dress, as long as the policies are not discriminatory. 438 more words

Guest Post

7th-Grader in Ohio Told Her Arms Are Sex Objects. Sharia Law?

 Posted by Michael BeckerFebruary 24, 2015

URL of the Original Posting Site: http://joeforamerica.com/2015/02/ohio-seventh-grader-told-her-arms-are-sex-objects-sharia-law/

A seventh grader in Mount Orab Ohio went through her closet looking for the perfect dress for her school’s Valentine dance. 249 more words


All-Inclusives For Dummies

I just returned from a glorious vacation at an all-inclusive resort, a leisure concept ideal for frugal travelers like myself. The unlimited food, drink, and activities all seemed “free” once I arrived because I’d booked the trip 6 months ago, calculated how many margaritas I’d need to consume to get my money’s worth, and promptly forgot the price. 659 more words

Observations And Musings

The questionable dress code on a Bermuda cruise

If you want to visit Bermuda, take a one week cruise from an East Coast port. The British Overseas Territory is located in the North Atlantic around 600 miles off the Eastern US and also 600 miles north of the Caribbean. 330 more words


WATCH: Texas principal uses marker to ‘fix’ student’s haircut

TORONTO – A Texas mother is furious after an assistant principal at her son’s school used a black marker to “fix” a shaved line in her son’s hair. 434 more words