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Fluffy cotton candy nails 

I don’t know why I decide to give this design such a name. But I really like the pestel colour tone for this. I used 2 colours for this and the transition just appears to be the third colour. 140 more words


Itamar Freed: Fragile Tranquility

Itamar Freed’s intensive photographs deal with the tension between enticement and rejection, between outer covering and essence, and between life and death. He reveals the dark forces concealed and bubbling up below the surface of reality, that threaten to explode its apparent tranquility. 146 more words


Hour of the day

Have you ever observed the hour in a day when the sun has set but the darkness has not seeped in yet..

The transition incomplete, on its way, yet far far away. 281 more words


They are not the sun.

And you worry about them.

The thought of them might drive you mad, might make you pace back and forth between our lives.

And I am here, telling you that they are dreamy. 22 more words

Give Me Green

I long to waltz among the drooping skirts of the pines…my feet bouncing and leaving their marks in the soft bed of needles. I want to touch the rays of sunshine that find their way through the branches. 348 more words