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The boards beneath mean more than the eyes behind the lights

You reach a certain age and you start to realise what’s important and what isn’t.

And you try to hold on to the first one. 1,546 more words


My eventful night continued after the dreams of going to college.


I found myself again semi-lucid and walking through the streets of Hollywood with a man. 430 more words


3 am

3am and I wake
wishing I could slip back into
the dream
I don’t even remember it anymore
but was sweeter than the problems
of the waking world. 36 more words


Learn what can help with kicking out dream stealers.

This weekend I was spending time reading, listening, reflecting and journaling. That is how I process “my stuff” so I can keep hope alive. 463 more words



Put your make up on,
cover the paleness of death.
A mint will help you mask
your decomposing breath.
Don’t hold any
children too close today, 42 more words

Sunday Waves

Here’s a poem-type-thing for which I have no particular explanation. The song I post with isn’t connected in any kind of linear or sensible way. It just felt like a good match. 7 more words



If your mind has gone mute,

Nothing is wrong.

You’ve just found the place,

Where your thoughts don’t belong.


Don’t settle for silence,

Your mind is not theirs. 13 more words