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are you home when the doorbell rings?

“Being available to receive is just as important as the commitment to being in action in service of our dreams.”


Tania M Adams

Read more on the power of commitment here …. the power of the word

Tania M Adams

Life creative- Welcome to my 'office'

My ‘cubicle’ has a drink menu, my coworkers and bosses are on different continents, and today my office is furnished in hammocks, vintage furniture, and beanbag chairs. 1,060 more words


Daily positive 23

After a draining few days we realised its was the treat for the end of term for my daughters school. Wacky hair Wednesday. So despite the fact I couldn’t be fudged doing anything. 38 more words


Snap Out of It

Participants of the mastermind share stories of shifting their mentality from a negative to a positive state of mind.  There are multiple situations and circumstances that have tested the Millionaire In Training mindset and recently these movers and shakers have been able to snap out of the negative and focus on the positivity of their goals, dreams and desires. 116 more words

The Law Of Success

and I’ve changed even more since last week….

Do not assume you know me, or know anything about my thoughts, if you have not spoken to me in days. 35 more words


Why Not?

My story begins 16 years ago.

I was 12 years old and enjoying my summer vacation with my sister at the local city pool. We would ride our bikes down the block and spend our summer days splashing around with other kids, even on days when we had softball games. 1,953 more words