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Learning to Play the Guitar -- Thrice Over

I have learned to play the guitar three times in my life. When I say learn, what I really mean is that, on three separate occasions, I have been under the impression that I was gonna become a grand master guitarist. 1,067 more words


Run Baby

I never realized being a mother meant living in constant fear. I’d like to think I’m a pretty cool mom (for being a first-time mom). I’m not the typical “sanitize, child-leash, no running, no rough-housing” mom. 189 more words


for L.

in this improbable existence
filled with endless possibilities
we must keep our eyes wide
we must drink in life
thirsty for experience
even if you can’t touch the sky… 21 more words


What Does "Plus-Sized" Really Mean?

According to Webster’s Dictionary, plus-size, or plus-sized, means extra large. But what does it really, really mean? What are the connotations? Plus-sized men can shop in a store for “Big and Tall” men. ¬† 225 more words


Still Lost in My Dreams...

Hey Everyone,

I’ve discovered that my freedom is both a blessing and a curse. I’m still unemployed but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busier than hell lately. 516 more words

Seven Psychopaths | Christopher Walken

Oh guys, I am tired tonight. Don’t be surprised if this post is clumsy and badly written.

Seven Psychopaths is a great movie. When I used to write essays for school and I wanted a slow and maybe slightly saddened feel I would watch this clip to get the tone right. 99 more words


Frustrated Artist

I love drawing but it seems like it doesn’t love me. I’m always trying my best to draw and create a legit artwork.

Here are some of my latest work (haha): … 224 more words