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Dead Poets Society: 'But only in their dreams can men truly be free...'

One of Robin Williams most inspiring films, Dead Poets Society is about an unconventional English teacher -John Keating (played by Williams) and his students who are inspired by their teacher’s very original method of appreciating poetry and other deeper things in life. 980 more words


No time for worry

Quite frankly I got what you deserved. Thanks a lot asshole.
This time at least I wont be crying so much; I’m too angry for that. 146 more words


Self reflection.

I need to be more patient towards others. That’s all I want so say about it, really. Besides thanking you people for the kind and supportive words.. 246 more words


Quote of the day; . . . not knowing it all . . .

“Creativity is the joy of not knowing it all.”
― Ernie J. Zelinski

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A Full Heart

Her heart, shaped as all hearts are, longing, for more than it’s never ending hope. Finding it’s self full of passion, passion many would envy. It resides in all thought of selfless dreams and she struggles with it. 130 more words


This is what dreams are made of

This is what dreams are made of.
Stony paths that grind your knees,
silent rivers that strangle emotion.
Breathless views and rainy tears.
Glass windows with a blurry view, 87 more words


Between the 80's & 90's

My childhood was torn between

Wednesday Addams and Veronica Sawyer,

speeches and phycopaths fascinated

with lust, love and social demise.

Did we just grown up, become adults, and die,* 43 more words