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Sometimes — no, wait — most of the time —  I feel like the machine that keeps track of your heart rate. Up, down. Spiky Up. 501 more words

Day 238 of 365 Days

We are progressively pursuing the path of success. Here we are, day 238 of this 365 day journey, for this period. How is your journey? It is so amazing how time is pressing forward with such vigor and determination, it motivates us to seek better ways to accomplish our goals. 260 more words


Easy Go lyrics -Reborn

Easy Go

I can hear your voice that’s slipping into the crowd

I’m searching for the the map of the future in the center of the intersection… 203 more words


How Dalí Helps Me Create

Yesterday I searched for a gift for my son whose birthday is coming up. He’s an artist who favors surrealists and abstract expressionism.

I came upon some Salvador Dalí paintings which made me remember a trip to London with my son where we visited “Dalí Universe.” 234 more words


Fantastic Tune lyrics -Kuroko no Basuke

Fantastic Tune

Like a shining light that cuts through the hazy future,
I chase after unlimited possibilities
Gotta open my eyes

Wake up, light a fire in your tired eyes… 284 more words


end of dreams

So the past few weeks my dreams have mostly been of weird abstract linear structures. Visions that outline a skeleton of an unknown system. They rotate and move in dark space. 96 more words


Scenario lyrics -Naruto


The key to my rusted heart
Is always near me, smiling

Because I want to find a joy that has no shape
I’ll even run through the spears of falling rain… 249 more words