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We need passion for life
We need passion like ancestral sweat on jungle spring African violets
We need passion like the quieting of an infant’s cries for his mother’s nipples… 240 more words


Picture This – The Edge of Rough

Hummmmm I love when you use your teeth on me.

Look what I found in my drawer. I think you are going really enjoy this when you get home. 144 more words


Demented Dreamworld

All right (or in this case–NOT all right)

Insomnia has progressed from

not being able to GET to sleep or STAY asleep,


Being able to get to sleep but not STAY asleep. 304 more words


Lack of fear.

Before I go to bed I’ve had this little thing pop up in my mind. Lately, when going to bed, I lack fear. I don’t jump into bed and hide under the blankets in a rush anymore. 237 more words


Just A Dream

Ever imagine suddenly
Being jolted awake
And realising that life
As you know it
Has merely been
One long, vivid dream?
Who would you miss? 73 more words


I have a dream, of children in peril 

so, I just had a short nap that felt far longer and this occurred
I was putting the children to bed in my grandfathers house and after doing so led down for a short one myself . 103 more words

Being A Dad