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Dream Lover…

By Caspario

Source: 500px.com


A Little Belief Goes a Long Way  

As my eyes opened to the ringing of the alarm, the dread of having to face another result day filled me yet again. I had just recently given my mocks which hadn’t gone too well so I knew that my grades weren’t going to be that great and just thinking about the disappointed look on my parents face made my stomach squirm uncomfortably. 1,451 more words


A Crazy Dream

The thing about being a dreamer is that at times you come off as crazy and immature to people who like to live their lives “realistically”. 374 more words


Loki: Half-Baked

Loki stood in my kitchen making pancakes. He was tall, at least 6’6”, if not more, and thin enough to hide behind a willow branch. I could not see the details of his clothes, only the colors: black and forest green. 407 more words


Happy 4th Everyone!

This is at the Hershey Las Vegas store! My point is that in this wonderful country we have the opportunity to pursue our American Dream. What’s yours and keep dreaming! 11 more words

Little Lemonade Studio

Your kind dream

Believe and follow your dream –
You have the aim to achieve.
However hard it will seem,
Do not get discouraged; believe!
Iaroslav                                                          Monday 23.08.2010