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Last Cast of the Day

I wonder what would happen if you just
ran into one another someday.
It’s not going to happen, but what if?
Would your chest jump a little, 197 more words


The leadership crisis part 5 : Hungry leaders


By hunger, we are referring to both natural and self-induced hunger. Hunger leads to greed, materialism and then manipulation and exploitation. It could be hunger for fame, power, money or material things. 502 more words


Dreaming of Summer...

Today, the weather has been rather up and down – it’s been warm and sunny one minute and then the next, there’s hail and grey clouds! 253 more words


The leadership crisis part 1: Leadership without vision


It is no secret, and unfortunately so, that many leaders are like pilots having no direction or destination. God’s vineyard has become a play ground for adventurers who have failed in other areas of life and have found refuge in the fact that they too can be called men of God. 607 more words


Spring Toes, Desires of the Soul, and a Confession...

Yesterday was such a great day. Nothing grand happened, and I think that is part of what made it so wonderful. It was just a day, no schedule, no pressures. 537 more words

Left Foot, Right Foot, Repeat

The dream has to be bigger than the fear.

~ Steve Harvey

212. Receiving Morning

Another morning yet of winter cold
as light rays wander through the frost
claiming residence on the window pane;

Waking up to greet a dream of you again… 70 more words