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Lucid Nightmare

I have a recurring dream. In it, someone I love and should be able to trust does something horrible. The worst part is, this person thinks it’s fine and has no qualms about having done it. 422 more words


The stuff that visits you on nightmares

Over the years I had less and less nightmares. But growing up I had this really creepy nightmare and I’d like to share it with you guys. 399 more words

Is This Real Life?!

Rumor has it

If you’ve dreamed about it and you see it being cooked up, do you still call it a deja vu?

About a week ago i dreamed i was with a group of friends somehow near a body of water (im pretty sure it was an ocean or something) and then planes started flying over us and then there were bombings. 86 more words

Dream | Spoken Word by Licy Be

Spoken Word “Dream” by Licy-Be

I wrote this spoken word a few years ago when a family friend passed away. Nana Bev was a beautiful woman who I believe achieved a lot in her life, she was inspirational, fun, passionate and loved life!  144 more words


The Perfect Watermelon

OK time to get real. Although I can’t really explain why, but Beyonce’s “I’ve been drinkin’, watermelon” lyric is one of the catchiest things I’ve ever heard. 184 more words


the pain that sleeps

slumber in my carcass body

is the strongest when

you’re the farthest

the thought of your touch

melting my frozen skin… 50 more words