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The 29 Day Challenge: Part 15- My Dream Job.

15. My Dream Job

A blowjob.

AM I RITE OR AM I RITE? HOLLAAAAAAAAA! Yeah, I can’t even pretend anymore, believe it or not I’m pretty meh about blowjobs. 457 more words


From Fired, to Hired: The new job search

Losing your job can be hard to digest; especially, when it comes from left field.

Trust me, I know.

Nearly two-months ago, I learned that my entire department was being “displaced”. 414 more words


Challenge Day 15: Career of my Dreams

Ask any child and I’m sure that they would say that they want to be a astronaut or a doctor or a princess or a fire fighter. 318 more words

30 Day Challenge

LinkedIn Insider: Alum Ryan Giles

An account executive for LinkedIn, 2008 MBA grad Ryan Giles happily promoted a new kind of passivity that can change the way companies and potential employees—from all career stages—come together. 216 more words

From The Issue

For the Generations

She said to me “I don’t want to be that girl, that works for the family business as a back up till my dream job becomes an option. 386 more words

Roadblock or New path?

Bad news of my day:

I haven’t been accepted into the Graduate Diploma of Communications course I was hoping to be in. Something about my qualifications not being high enough and that I’d need to do a Bachelor in Communications for 3-5 years instead. 693 more words


Monday Mantra:: I Choose to See Every Job As My Dream Job

It can be soul destroying to be in a job that isn’t your passion. I know this first hand and have struggled with this personally. It’s tiring to hold on to that frustration. 434 more words

Monday Mantra