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Messages in Our Dreams

When we look forward to a peaceful night of rest, our sleep may be invaded by thoughts, feelings and experiences that appear in dreams. Is there meaning here for us? 879 more words


Job dream(5/26/15)

Dear reader I am writing this here in case it becomes important later:

In the dream I was talking to a business owner about considering hiring people with disabilities, they deserve the opportunity to work as well, I specifically said that I wasn’t just asking for myself however if he decided to offer me the job I would take it(I think it was researching things for online news sites). 117 more words


We Have A Mandate To Influence

The house where the dreamer’s apartment is located has several floors. This speaks of the fact that the dream addresses more than one family. Different floors or “levels” of life speak of the overall geographic area where this house (=these lives) is located. 382 more words



Yesterday I managed to complete a whole cross stitch! Obviously inspired by Cougar Town this time.

So I’m pretty proud of myself on that front (even if I did forego wine for the evening). 687 more words


I am in an upright position, in murky water when suddenly a large Croc comes at me from behind – mouth wide open about to swallow me for lunch.  1,406 more words


Dream Interpretation.

So I’m looking for some help with this one. I don’t often have dreams thanks to my medication but when I do it seems to be a variation of the same dream. 122 more words

These Are The 3 Dreams That Define My Life Right Now. What Are Yours?

Dream interpretation is fascinating. I never read Freud’s famous book on the subject, but I got the gist from other sources over the years: Just think of how your dream relates to sex, and voila, you’ve got Freud. 1,083 more words

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