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Βάτραχοι ("Frogs")

I like to refer back to my degree major (Classics, i.e. ancient history, my favourite was Greek) where possible, hence I decided to entitle this post after an ancient Greek play by Aristophanes. 161 more words


There was an outbreak at the county prison farm. Inmates were dying violent deaths, their bodies splitting open, their innards ejecting into the atmosphere. Being new to the Department of Health and Human Services, I was assigned the gruesome task of finding a cause. 702 more words

Short Fiction

3/15/15 Moon Dream

All that I post in this blog has actually happened and can be considered a journal entry unless otherwise noted. Of course, the following didn’t… 1,129 more words


Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag (aka Naked Dreams)

I had an evening out with my two best girlfriends from law school last night and it was a blast!  The three of us don’t get together nearly enough. 793 more words

Here And Now

The Nature of Dreams, part 2: explanation of the types of dreams

This is the continuation of Aḥmad b. ʿAlī b. Ḥajar al-ʿAsqalānī’s commentary to the opening hadith in the Book of Dream Interpretation in Fatḥ al-Bārī 1,026 more words


The Will of God... What is it and how can it be applied to my life?

For many, an answer to the question of what God’s will is for their life is often heavily sought. Those who are believers and are looking to be true servants of the to His purpose for us. 383 more words

Compassion Readings

On Super Moon, Eclipse and Equinox

Hello, Friends, I’ve missed you.

It has been a few weeks since I’ve written anything of consequence, here in this space, and oh how I would love to make up beautiful, imaginative reasons for that. 589 more words