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Kelsey's Tiger Cub

Kelsey had a tiger cub that ran around constantly and would jump up on everyone and leave bloody scratches. I was really mad because I thought it was incredibly dangerous to have period, but especially to have in the house. 133 more words

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Dreaming of Caitlyn . . . or not.

So while I no longer consider myself to be a trans blogger, given that one of the feeder blogs for this one is Tboy Jacky… 709 more words


I am still teary eyed as I write this

I was outside, it was in the late evening and it was just starting to get dark. My husband was right there next to me, standing on a ladder up against the garage, working on something. 291 more words

Kelsey's New Baby

Kelsey had a baby and I was really upset at first, because I always thought we would go in order of our ages having kids. My parents were obsessed with this baby and never cared about me anymore or had time to spend with me. 78 more words

Dream Journal

Bratty Little Boy

I was in a school and had my gaming system hooked up to the only TV in the entire building. I had been playing for a while. 186 more words

Dream Journal

A Central Note

Jeane’s dream provides a very compelling logic: we should stop looking at the details of life to gain an understanding of it, and instead we should look at the entirety to get a clearer sense of what is going on. 714 more words

Awakening To A Spiritual Life

Haunted Attraction and Killer Clown

I was in a haunted attraction that you would go to for Halloween. I, for some reason, knew where the clowns would pop out next. I was on an elevator with my (middle) sister Kristin and a clown. 237 more words

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