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Ask Me About: What a dramaturg can do

“Remarks like that were embedded in my head and took up precious space that should have been occupied with other things but wasn’t.” – Ray Midge, … 779 more words

General Writing

Latest from me: performance collaboration with dance, sound and video at Camden People's Theatre Mon 25th May

SUPERIMPOSE by the house of o’dwyer

part of @YAADead

Performance art, dance, live art, sound art, video art…

For one night only at Camden People’s Theatre London… 80 more words

Video Art

Musical Dramaturgy

A couple of days ago after class, I was sitting in my office talking with a student about potential career opportunities. As we finished our talk, the student looked around the office, and noted, “You must really like music a lot.” I confirmed the student’s interpretation, and we chatted for a moment about the records on my office wall and the guitar sitting between the file cabinet and bookshelves on another wall. 503 more words


Carpe Diem

People have been seizing the day since Horace offered this delicious phrase to the world in 23 BCE. Yet over time, we intuitively fall into a flow of anticipating the cycles of seasons and days. 289 more words

Emotional Health

Poem for season 1- Unveil.Ing

Perhaps using our weird poststructural title thing again is a bit contrived, but its the title I decided on to propose for the first season. I wrote a bit of a press release for it, but its not finalized. 166 more words

The Performing Nurse

What does a nurse look like?

Lisa Smith, The Performing Nurse, uses truthful experience and honest, often dry humour to bridge a connection between the nursing profession and the creative arts. 497 more words


Adam Sandler, Charlie Hebdo, and "Freedom of Expression"

America has been exploding with issues surrounding the concept of “freedom of expression.” Like many freedoms, “freedom of expression” sounds great in the abstract. In the abstract, pretty much everyone outside of political and religious extremists are for “freedom of expression,” and the very fact that political and religious extremists are most decidedly not in favor of freedom of expression makes a certain kind of person even MORE in favor of it. 1,690 more words