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Sensitise Me

Clever, creative and magnetic, Terra Nemo Theatre Company delivers another excellent show for their 2015 season with Madison Rauber’s Sensitise Me. I have to admit I had my doubts after being given some “pills”, lead past a cliche screaming patient rocking back and fourth,  squirmed my way through a foggy corridor filled with hazardous science lab decor and hand drawn hospital signs, and stuffed into a small black theatre. 660 more words


The Winter's Tale: What Makes A Romance?

Hi, everybody!

::Await obligatory ‘Hi, Dr. Nick!’ callback.::

My name is Keith Hock and I am the production manager and technical director for your favorite Capitol Fringe company, We Happy Few Productions!   957 more words

Capital Fringe

I Wrote a Thing for TCG

I was asked by the wonderful Jacqueline E. Lawton to participate in the latest TCG blog salon, “Artistic Leadership: How Do We Change the Game?” She sent me a series of questions wickedly difficult to answer: 103 more words


Theatre Y's The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez: A Psudo-Review

Pseudo- From the Greek Pseudes, meaning lying or false. Generally applied to one thing that appears to be one thing, but on farther evaluation proves to seem another. 644 more words


Space (and Time)

My mother came to NYC for the first time when I got married in 1998. She was a country woman, not unsophisticated but certainly no urbanite. 647 more words


Montréal play #3---LILIES by Michel Marc Bouchard

“When you learn a new language, you gain a new soul.”—traditional Georgian saying

I realized as I was reading the next two plays (Lilies…

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Dreaming of Secrets and Gardens

I have to admit, I was a bit leery at first when Stephanie actually pitched the idea of doing an adaptation of The Secret Garden for  DisArt 2017, but now that I’ve accepted the possibility, along with the story’s troubling relationship to disability in itself, I find myself strangely intrigued by what we might do with it. 499 more words