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Les Plaisirs de l’Île Enchantée

In 1664 Louis XIV gave his first great fête at Versailles, a small hunting box built by his father and which the Roi Soleil was transforming into the astonishing château that would materially represent the political, economic, and artistic supremacy of France. 229 more words


Bio Emily Marino taking over SocialWorks program when Adina travels to Germany

Hi Everyone, you likely all already know Emily. She’s been with DramaWay for quite some time now and supports our Friday night program with Adina. 288 more words


Becoming Jerome Kern

While some scholars have suggested that Jerome Kern’s early work has little relevance to his later output, there are many continuities—not only in the way that Kern constructed his songs, but also in the way that he employed music to convey dramatic meaning. 157 more words


Comden and Green make it big

In 1944 Betty Comden and Adolph Green were performing in a Greenwich Village nightclub when their friend Leonard Bernstein stopped in to ask if they wanted to help him make a musical out of a ballet he had written for… 157 more words


Support the Arts (Inclusive arts, that is)

My very dear friend, Danielle Strnad has this amazing company called DramaWay DramaWay is the leading provider of fine arts programming in the Greater Toronto Area for people of all abilities, specializing in modifying programming for individuals with special needs. 287 more words

Homeschooling for Charity

It’s amazing how much ‘work’ a student will do when they really buy in to why they are doing it. When there is a tangible result with a real reward – like shopping for $10,000 worth of Christmas gifts for kids with cancer – writing letters and speeches, making to do lists and phoning strangers to request interviews gets done with vigor. 357 more words