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Divorce Lawyers in Love: A Study in Love

Opposites attract, Dislike to Love, Love Triangle — these genres are nothing new in kdramaland (or most movies/shows, really). So what sets Divorce apart from becoming run-of-the-mill is its other ingredient — using these same tropes to dissect why some marriages work and others, fail. 565 more words


Producers - First Impression

This drama is such a riot, but in a good way. I know there may be some who think the presentation is confusing, especially when the “drama” parts get interspersed with the “interview” parts, but with no indication whatsoever. 457 more words


always somethin' between us... or someone...

Yup, Eun Byul isn’t dead. And was there some sinister abuse between Eun Byul and Tae Gwang’s dad before she made the decision to disappear? Is Eun Byul out for revenge? 691 more words


high society drops new teasers

Hmmm. I do like the luxe casual vibe of High Society so far. Doesn’t feel too fake or orchestrated… and is Sung Joon Uee’s chauffeur or one of  those paid drivers? 86 more words


Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes (1991) Directed by Jon Avnet Based on the novel Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe 639 more words

Let's Eat 2: Alliances - Make/ Break

Last weeks’ eps13/14 feel very much like a filler — there’s suddenly much more food porn, ranging from Thai food to homecooked fried rice (duh..? on the latter). 933 more words


Hwajeong - Week 6

Hwa-yi gets her wish fulfilled, by entering the Department of Artillery, and she vows to herself that although she used to regard Gwanghae as her older brother, she’ll now take away what’s his one by one. 427 more words