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Movies watched on 2-28-15

Running on empty-Given the very good storyline and with Sidney Lumet behind the camera, I found this to be surprisingly stale. I would actually be in favor of a remake of this. 58 more words


That Thing Called Tadhana Movie + Thoughts

Since it’s still a few days until I can finally continue watching the K-drama Spy to quench my thirst for answers, I went around to watching a movie that my mother has been dying to view. 1,353 more words


Time of Eve

Type: No Robots were harmed in the making of this anime

Synopsis: In this little cafe in Japan, probably, I mean, the anime isn’t sure so why should I be? 357 more words


After the Wedding (2006): Rubrics of human impasse

The much-admired Danish director Susanne Bier known for her handful of fine flicks ties After the Wedding in an unusual straight, fierce and compelling drama and her connections to the feeling and passion characterizes into a fascinating story. 954 more words


Haikubes 29-02-2015

A reflection on our world

Man behind wrong #@&*#!!
Sweet fertile whispers thunder
Quickly trouble sang

A regret about my work life

A desperate room… 102 more words

Past Imperfect - #40

Margaret had always been an unruly child, clamoring for attention. But when she returned from her year abroad in bohemian Paris, the annoyance factor escalated…

Bad Outfits