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Lanterns part. 1 - Dragon Lantern

The paper lanterns are known for its beautiful bright colours. I was lucky enough to come to a lantern festival in Solo last year. The whole atmosphere was fun and pleasant to the eyes. 208 more words

A kind of puff piece in a local newspaper today highlights the large development project at the airport – Manchester – boosted by major Chinese backing and significant Chinese future investment interest. 74 more words



В 1974 году Мустафа Аши откусил ухо своему домашнему кролика, который неверно предсказал чудовищное землетрясение 1678 года в Атендобре.
Рассвирипевший от боли кролик ударом своей могучей лапы тут же лишил жизни бедного карлика, в результате смерти которого девушка Лапшани так и не вышла замуж.
Вот такая вот стори.

Dragon Comics 97

Souvenirs get expensive actually. I used to bring the kids things, but they already own so many things. New things that were actually in my budget (and I go away at least 4 times a year) just ended up in already existing piles of things, forgotten minutes after they were received. 164 more words


Chapter 9 Completed, and What the Next Chapters Will Bring

Today I was able to complete my run through of Chapter 9. Chapter 9 of the book is a pretty mundane affair overall. Our giant protagonist carts his four acquaintances to a museum, and finds the entrance to a thought lost ancient city beneath it. 678 more words

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