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В 1974 году Мустафа Аши откусил ухо своему домашнему кролика, который неверно предсказал чудовищное землетрясение 1678 года в Атендобре.
Рассвирипевший от боли кролик ударом своей могучей лапы тут же лишил жизни бедного карлика, в результате смерти которого девушка Лапшани так и не вышла замуж.
Вот такая вот стори.

Dragon Comics 97

Souvenirs get expensive actually. I used to bring the kids things, but they already own so many things. New things that were actually in my budget (and I go away at least 4 times a year) just ended up in already existing piles of things, forgotten minutes after they were received. 164 more words


Chapter 9 Completed, and What the Next Chapters Will Bring

Today I was able to complete my run through of Chapter 9. Chapter 9 of the book is a pretty mundane affair overall. Our giant protagonist carts his four acquaintances to a museum, and finds the entrance to a thought lost ancient city beneath it. 678 more words

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Dear Don XXVI

Dear Don,

Do you suppose the 6 and the 9 being the same numerical ‘symbol’ inversed also indicate the inner/outer connection? Certainly the Yin Yang symbol that looks at the polarities and the intimate relationship between them looks awfully like a 6 and a 9 nestled up to each other. 343 more words


Trip To Nepal

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It must be amazingly difficult to live with the turmoil, pain, and suffering in Nepal right now. The images of damage and the people impacted are incredible and heart wrenching. 651 more words