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Dragon Nest: Warrior's Dawn (2014) Trailer

The popular MMORPG Dragon Nest has a high budget feature film produced in China by Mili Pictures.

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Visual Vocab

Menempuh Minotaur Nest

Ia lari berlari memegang pedang panjang beraura putih

Dengan tertatih terus berlari menghadang bison-bison super kuat itu

walau harus mempertahankan nyawa, ia tetap melawan bison hitam berjubah… 127 more words


BEIGE: Bow Master Re-build for DN-80

Optimized for compensation-on pvp only
Skill accessories for: Multi Shot; Siege Stance; Rapid Shot


Dragon Nest

BLUE: Elemental Lord Re-build for DN-80

Blue Side
Optimized for compensation-on pvp only
Skill accessories for: Flame Spark, Frost Wind, Shatter, Chilling Mist


Red Side
Optimized for compensation-on pvp only… 14 more words

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest Game Assessment.

Dragon Nest is a free-to-play fantasy-based MMORPG game that is available to download online. Although the game specifies you only need a minimum of 512MB RAM to play the game, it’s advisable that you have at least 1GB RAM or more in order to play the game smoothly. 556 more words


Yes guys, this is what I’m busy about: I’m leveling my honey up here and right now, he’s already Level 29! Whoah, I feel so wonderful ~ :3… 31 more words

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