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Dr. Oz is popular because the truth is boring

If I could invite four people for dinner, alive or dead, they would be Mark Twain, William Shackleton, Christopher Hitchens, and Homer Simpson (Bart’s dad). If Mehmet Oz turned up with a bag of garcinia cambogia, I would excuse myself. 889 more words

Dr. Oz Should Quietly Go Away. But He Won't.

The money must be really good.

It would almost have to be to cause a person to systematically dismantle his or her own credibility built up over what, up until now, has been an extremely impressive career.  1,011 more words

Nutritional Commentary

Kochs, Corps, and Monsanto Trade Group Have Bankrolled Group Attacking Dr. Oz

Apparently, Dr. Oz is making Monsanto and its minions uncomfortable… Here’s a good example of how a disinfo campaign works -LW

A group of ten doctors has  1,830 more words


The Debate Against Dr. Oz

I’ve never been a fan of Dr. Oz. I don’t wish him harm or feel he’s doing more harm than good. He’s bringing information to people that may not be exposed to these health options otherwise. 1,349 more words

SFR 329: Sad Madison Productions

–We watched the Diane Sawyer interview of Bruce Jenner, and it got us talking about a variety of issues involving transgender people.
–Dr. Oz is responding to his critics by saying they are… 222 more words


Unbridled Gullibility

Probably one of the prime reasons for writing The Emperor is Buck Naked has to do with, for several years, being exposed to medical misinformation, hyperbole and just plain BS in locker rooms, on the radio, television and in print. 507 more words

Dr. Oz