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A Tolkien themed birthday cake

I have been in birthday cake making mode recently, which prompted me to glance back through the recent caked decorating archives. Here are some shots from last year, when I was asked to create a… 626 more words

In The Kitchen

Dr. Oetker frozen pizzas

Just a bout a week ago, I called my mum to tell her that I will be cooking some frozen pizzas for her, pizzas that are readily available and in the supermarket. 72 more words


Make Dr. Oetker Your Friend!

Just like a college kid you’ll find at least one box of frozen pizza in my freezer. But not just any brand. I prefer Dr. Oetker’s… 128 more words


Chocolate Chiffon Bundt Cake with Gooey Marshmallow Frosting

I’ve become a big fan of Bundts. The main reasons are:

1) You can make it all in one tin, so less cleaning up (yay) 990 more words



A while ago I found this funny pizza in the supermarket and had to try it. It was a pizza in shape of hamburger buns. XD… 74 more words



Salam dostlar.

Mənim ən sevdiyim desertlərdən birini sizlərlə paylaşmaq istərdim – TIRAMISU

Tez bir zamanda dadlı, möhtəşəm tiramisu hazırlamaq istəyirsizsə, sizə aşağıdakılar lazımdır: 90 more words

European Cuisine

Food sins in the city

I’m sure everybody knows the rhetorical question ‘What are we eating today?’or ‘What should I cook?’ Very often we can’t find a practical answer. An easy way out is the ‘Let’s go get Indian or Chinese food’ But where can you get it? 870 more words