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Billy Joel ~ Uptown Girl

Uptown Girl 1983 music and performance  by Billy Joel

Press  link above for Goodnight my angel 1994 music and performance  by Billy Joel


Weekday Weekend

Lafayette and Great Jones St.

Having a day off during the week can feel like you’re on holiday. Walking around the streets you get a sense of others who are in the same position, running errands, leisurely reading in coffee shops, walking dogs etc. 21 more words

Downtown Man


Thompson and Broome St.

Today felt like the first hint of fall with a slightly cool breeze that warranted a light jacket or sweater. I like this time of year when you can still wear t-shirts, but have that one extra layer like a jacket or sweater and keep it unbuttoned or unzipped. 10 more words

Downtown Man

The Hobbler

West Village
Hudson and Christopher St.

This is a man after my own heart as his outfit is pretty much a replica of my daily summer ensemble – Nike kicks, black fitted jeans and solid colored t-shirt. 15 more words

Downtown Man

Shirt & Jeans

South Village
Charlton and Varick St.

There are days when I thank God that I work in an office environment that allows nice jeans to be worn. 42 more words

Downtown Man

Khaki Suit

Prince and Sullivan St.

A khaki suit is just so perfectly summer even though it still covers you up, aesthetically, it looks so lightweight. It’s also the perfect type of suit to wear to a wedding or formal occasion during the warmer months.

Downtown Man


Hudson Square
Spring and Varick St.

Jewelry is a very personal thing and just like clothing it can be done well or the opposite. I was struck by how this gent placed his rings at the pinky and ring finger. 57 more words

Downtown Man