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Run Like A Girl

“You run like a girl, Fiddie!” Oscar yelled at me from the bleachers.

According to my high school friends Nicky, Cindy, and Katy (yeah, with a Y) that’s when you know a boy likes you. 2,001 more words

knee deep.

Knee-deep in edits for my second book. Last night I wrote for so long that when S finally got home he looked to me like a paper-thin cut out, something I dreamed up. 51 more words


The Jewel of Downtown LA

-Look Up, Look Down Challenge, Week 78

Every Thursday, I publish a post containing photos taken from above or below, and invite you to join in the challenge… 360 more words

Los Angeles

Patchwork Lamp Posts

Several lamp posts on South Broadway are spreading some jollity with their knitted patchwork overcoats.

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Posted by Debbie Smyth, February 2015
Weekly Photo Challenge

Red Cafe

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Posted by Debbie Smyth, February 2015
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National Pizza Day: Pitfire, Downtown

If you live in Los Angeles and love a good old fashioned wood-fired pizza pie, chances are you’ve visited a Pitfire establishment once or twice. This unique pizza chain stands out among most other pizza slingers for its consistently chewy crust, unexpected combinations of top-shelf ingredients, great beer menu, and thoughtful variety of seasonal specials (after all, a “pumpkin pizza” should be fresh from the patch). 442 more words

Stu's Review

If Valentines Day gives me a reason to eat, well...

I’ve got mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. Traditionally, I’ve hated it. In a relationship, not in one… Either way, it’s always felt like a corporate ploy to pressure people into acting in a way they otherwise might not. 680 more words

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