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Weighed Down

My life is being distilled down to its essence. That’s a good thing, but is challenging physical and internal work. After deciding several months ago to transition from my beloved house in the Appalachian Mountains to a tiny house on wheels (an ultra light travel trailer with 200 sq ft of living space), the process of purging has been underway on all levels. 711 more words


Making a Life or Debt Decision

I’m a strategist by trade. My professional brain thrives at 30,000 feet.  I can develop concepts. I can see the big picture. And I watch in awe as teams of people bring ideas into reality. 293 more words


Reentry, Conundrum, and Bikes

After 12 wonderful days with good friends, the Tucson Book Fair and a fiction writing workshop, I arrived home a tired girl. The Little House on Belmont Street was a welcome relief–remembering the excitement of a new life’s adventure. 642 more words

Tiny House

One Thing at a Time - 7

Another thing that I haven’t used in several years.. It’s been sat in my make-up drawer, gathering dust and muck, and not putting powder on my face. 49 more words


Never too Busy

When people say they’re busy, how often do they really mean it? And is there a percentage of waking life that needs to be filled with required tasks in order to truthfully claim the adjective for yourself? 639 more words

Minimalism on the Rise

It’s just not going away.  What’s that you ask?  Minimizing, minimalism, scaling back purchasing stuff just for the sake of accumulating more stuff.  Living in smaller spaces, easing our environmental footprint, living more intentionally with an eye towards fully embracing experiences without burdening ourselves with stuff. 211 more words

Let the Purging Begin!

When we first moved into our house, we owned one futon, one queen-size bed, a hand-me-down coffee table, and several mismatched plates and utensils. Our three bedroom house felt very empty. 557 more words