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“The pearl only weighs the oyster down” ~Marty Rubin

Four years into my budding sewing career, I received MY SEWING BOX. It was a Christmas gift from Mom and Dad. 607 more words

Big Dreams for a Tiny House

I’m going to take a break from the cerebral, political babble and write about…

Tiny Houses.

Years ago -and it’s hard to believe it’s been… 633 more words


Plans for 2015

Last year I resolved to do something new or something I hadn’t done in a while, every month – which I achieved. For 2015 my big year round goals are 4 fold. 114 more words


Getting Started

A small place is a worthy challenge when fitting in furniture and the “stuff of living” that we consider basic.  I am learning how little I really need to be comfortable and happy. 511 more words

Tiny House

I Married a Cabinet Maker

You know when you are really busy in life and you still find time to build cabinets all by hand? Me either…but I live with a mythical creature who did just that. 393 more words

Tiny House

Remembering My Wedding (43 Years Later)

When you downsize out of the house you’ve lived in for over 4 decades,  you need to excavate top shelves of closets, among other less frequently visited crannies.   271 more words

Minimizing my Wardrobe 2015

March might be my month for downsizing my wardrobe. I wrote a post called “Downsizing again” this same month a couple of years ago. This past year I’ve been purging my closet regularly and this month, I’m making a further effort to be systematic with what I get rid of and what I keep. 772 more words

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