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Work-Life-Balance, Stage Two: Learn to Accept your Job

A job that you like, that is challenging, not too stressful and also rewarding, is a great thing.

If you have one – congratulations! Enjoy it, be thankful and rest assured that you have an excellent chance to be happy in your life. 977 more words


Single-tasking: focusing on the here and now

‘Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.’ ~Alexander Graham Bell.

I used to be the multi-tasking champion. 415 more words

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Clap your hands and start believing in fairies again...

If society tells us to take one path, and our heart is telling us to take another, then follow your heart. Stop being so wise. It’s time to be joyful and silly. 455 more words

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Prometheus - on the Art of Empowering Yourself

From time to time, even the true downshifter, who is much less interested in power, money, glamour that the average chap, will feel a stitch of envy. 881 more words


Free yourself of your burdens

When I decided to take the path of minimalism, I never realised how scary, but how liberating, it would be.

I was scared to sell my great-aunt’s bone china tea set. 191 more words

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Letting go

Becoming a minimalist means learning how to let go and accept change.

As I’ve moved through life, I’ve gathered clutter. We all do. We buy things we need – or think we need, and sometimes when we buy a new item, we fail to throw out or pass on its predecessor. 359 more words

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Matching sets and perfectionism

Are you a perfectionist? I am.

I love everything to match and co-ordinate. I love interior design.

But matching sets make consumers of us all – have you ever realised that? 141 more words

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