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Claim ownership of your life

Do you ever feel like your life belongs to everyone else – except you?

Do you ever feel as though most everything you do is to please others, or to keep other people satisfied? 258 more words

Voluntary Simplicity

Guest Post-Chris on Simple Living, Downshifting and Nature

 I was thrilled when Chris from Gully Grove offered to write a guest post for  this blog as she brings both thoughtful commentary as well as direct experience  on topics such as permaculture, downshifting, land regeneration and other related topics on her own blog. 985 more words


Quick Update on my June 2015 "Stuff" Challenge

I can’t believe how much stuff I’ve gotten rid of so easily, and also how much more I can still part with and not even miss it! 276 more words


Ask yourself the hard questions.

Look at what you own. Take the time to just look at it. Properly. Then ask yourself…

  • Is this item important to me?
  • Does this item give me…
  • 172 more words
Voluntary Simplicity

Rainageddon! Car safety for floodwater crossings

Yesterday broke all records for single-day rainfall. It was WET!

So first of all:

    FLOODWATERS 101: What to do when crossing floodwaters in a car… 800 more words

Downshifter's Clothes Dryer

Nothing like the fresh smell of air-dried sheets on a breezy, warm, sunny spring day!



Downshifters! Avoid to get a Rich but Boringly Selfish Person!

The “Rich Guys Trap”

Collecting money, securing your material well-being and planning Financial Independence are important building blocks for any downshifter around. Financial Freedom is a great asset to have. 1,395 more words