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down payment

no matter if its a person

place or a thing

its coming with something

on offer

and what it knows

and its  own pleasure

and the making of its own ways… 44 more words


Awkward dancing is so much better in groups

I can’t decide if it’s the dancing or the facial expressions that are worse…


This Moment Is

Grey day
and I’m tired again
when will I have more energy?

Sunny day,
and I feel wonderful.
When will I be tired again?

In the roller coaster ride of duality, 61 more words


How To... prepare a "downer" kit.

Everyone gets a little down from time to time. Maybe you had a bad day, maybe you’re hormonal, maybe something serious happened or maybe you’re just born that way. 804 more words


slowed down

heard a song

call it a sample

call your life a loop

drive around

and call it a night on the town

hoop in your ear… 47 more words



Just wanna say that I’m so depressed. Why can’t thing ever be smooth?


You Will Never Believe How Much This 10-Year-Old Made At Her Lemonade Stand To Rebuild Her Burnt Down House

This story is absolutely amazing. I love how communities rally to help families in need.

This little girls house burnt down, and when they hired contractors to rebuild their house they ran off with the insurance money. 53 more words