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Boys Night Out

I have new drinking buddies. (I would love to have a girl in the group, but then it wouldn’t be boys night out…) Not sexist..just selfish. 318 more words

Break Time

Uuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhh so can I just fly away yet? Today I have a serious case of “get me the hell out of here” blues. Fatal presumingly. Not only do I want to break free of college, but work, side projects, responsibilities, leaderships. 160 more words

42 Days and Counting

Down-time: That time when a sigh of relief escapes our lips, and we engage in activities of our choosing. It is a rare moment in time when the calendar is silenced and we get to choose what WE want to do. 270 more words


Today I started vacation and trust me it is very much needed! But the question I have to answer myself is what to do with myself for the next 10 days? 357 more words


my own private igloo

a view from each window in the octagon:


happy plantsNathan’s new 1987 Celica

subliminal advertising of Guerlain

 scary monsters.

2015’s First Day of Spring has arrived. 64 more words


ruminations upon a full day

It is amazing what you can pack into a day. Today has included practicing, lots of conversation (during the twins’ naptime, and while Hazel played at the playground after school, and then with another friend this evening), time with Hazel (we promised her a mango lassi when she lost her first wiggly tooth, but it got delayed by her birthday, and by both of us getting sick; but today I came through and got it for her), as well as teaching, and a host of other normal family related activity (including taking Ted to the doctor and the twins to a drop-in daycare). 463 more words

Planned Work Slowdown

The freezing rain stopped and mist was rising off of the parking lot in dragon fire tendrils.  I was doing my after-lunch laps, a routine I’ve had for most of my working life.  310 more words