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Schoolwork Sunday (NOT!)

Another weekend goes by and another missed blog post(s). Whoops! But it unintentional as I was enjoying my free time! I hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to be outside at some point and enjoy the summer weather. 331 more words


New Orleans

Me and my brother found some down time here finally. It has been crazy and everyone walks everywhere. I think I got rid of my farmers tan though, and my brothers are still white shut ins. 255 more words


Things To Do....(Read As: When I'm Bored)

Now I understand that my life will in every essence be different than what I am used to. I won’t have many of the “basic” down time luxuries that I normally am used to. 109 more words


Free Books

If you live in certain parts of North America, you’ve probably seen the Little Libraries popping up in front yards. Originating in Wisconsin in 2009, they are now a global phenomena. 147 more words

Down Time

This summer, just let kids be kids

By Lisa Sugarman

Holy crap, we’re an inch away from summer starting! So you know what that means. It means that the dependable 8:00am to 2:30pm routine that’s occupied our kids for the last 180 days is going away. 943 more words


Charleston, Ferguson, Dolezal: 25 Novels to Read

If my Facebook feed is any indication, many people are frustrated with much of the reporting about Charleston, Ferguson, and Rachel Dolezal, and are actively seeking insightful commentary. 254 more words

Down Time

Book Reviews :)

Hey Everyone!

So I will have finished my certificate in animal care as of 12pm tomorrow! (Thursday) as that is when my final exam is over :) Because of this I am now able to read books I like at my own free will. 254 more words