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The Sign of the Raven

One of the pivotal questions we are faced with in “S” is WHO IS SIGNE RABE (p361)? Signe Rabe translates to sign of the raven… 313 more words


Read: Ship of Theseus by V.M. Straka ( a.k.a. S. by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst)

SPOILER: V.M. Staka didn’t actually write this book. However, once out of the packaging, it’s impossible to discern the true authors. Abrams and Dorst executed an amazing novel that must by read in print and encapsulates the true joy of the tactile reading experience. 1,175 more words

S. by J.J. Abrams & Doug Dorst

S., uscito nel 2013, è una sorta di caso letterario: ideato da J.J. Abrams, è una sorta di scatola di storie che può essere affrontata su più livelli. 742 more words

Including Books

"S" is Absurd

Repeatedly throughout Ship of Theseus, the word absurd is used to describe something that seems improbably or impossible. However, there seems to be a tease in each of those cases, as if we should look further… 642 more words


S. By J.J Abrams & Doug Dorst

Distressed to look like an old library book, this exquisite book is the first of  many unveilings that Abrams and Dorst have in store for their readers. 400 more words


The Interlude Cipher

If Interlude contains a cipher, no one has come forward with its solution, or even its nature. However, an S. enthusiast has consulted a professor of music theory who specializes in musical ciphers. 387 more words


More Clues - Can You Read This?

In the Jen Heyward Tumblr Blog, which is proven to be part of the canon of the “S” story, we have discovered several clues… 78 more words