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Living with Domestic Violence

Trigger Warning: mentions of physical abuse, extreme violations of personal space/invasions of privacy, threats of violence. This is a pretty heavy post.

Being in an abusive relationship is exhausting. 1,302 more words


Knock Out Of The Week: Waitress Drops Man After He Grabs Her Booty

I am normally not one to promote violence, well unless it is a situation where it is deserved. This video definitely fulfills that criteria.

The man in  this video which happens to take place in Russia is shown getting knocked the f*%k out after  grabbing a waitress’s butt. 67 more words


Go for Jamie

So, I know that writing a super serious post and then not writing anything else for weeks is kind of a douche move but, guys, I have been SO BUSY.   388 more words

Day 8: Far From a Virtuoso

So last night I went to a classical guitar concert with some friends who study music at UCT.

And it was actually pretty cool.

Except for the overwhelming amount of pretentiousness that surrounded the whole occasion. 116 more words

Blessing In Disguise

I learned a very valuable lesson this evening. Words are exactly that…just hot air coming out of someone’s mouth without any real meaning or intention behind them. 862 more words

The problem is you...

Yes, the problem may very well be you. Offended? I am an offensive prick sometimes, but bear with me for what follows is not designed to offend, merely to offer objective criticism and, hopefully inspire self reflection that creates a better, more balanced and informed future for all of us. 2,212 more words

Education Truths