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You Might be a Douche-Bag Apologist if...

I’m not saying this applies to you if you’re only guilty of one or even a few of the following; but, it’s safe to say that if you routinely do more than 4, you might be a douche-bag apologist… 734 more words

General Presup Issues

By Bus! By Bus!

Another flattering depiction of an episode in my life by paper artist Elise Nelly Chanel. It’s a rare thing for me to lose my way on a country road, but when I do … I don’t turn into a douche bag that smokes while everyone else carries the bags as this picture might have you believe!

Check Your Ego, Pal.

Ego. We all have one. It is essential in shaping our character, our behaviours, who our friends are and even possibly what we are able to achieve in life. 1,838 more words

Education And Parenting

Money isnt everything

So I want to be real honest about something I have encountered lately. I was asked out on a date by a much older guy, a guy that I wouldnt go for, but I guess i felt bad for the guy and he seemed to really want to take me out. 725 more words