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Republican's Response to Hillary's announcement: I'm running for President

 By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Hillary Snuffer

The ad below was perfectly timed as well as perfectly written.

There is absolutely no reason that a reprehensible douche bag like Hillary Clinton should believe; 36 more words


The problem is you...

Yes, the problem may very well be you. Offended? I am an offensive prick sometimes, but bear with me for what follows is not designed to offend, merely to offer objective criticism and, hopefully inspire self reflection that creates a better, more balanced and informed future for all of us. 2,212 more words

Education Truths

A Letter To The "Not So Homeless" Man On The Curb At Wal-mart

You sir are an asshole.

Last week I took pity on you and bought you a breakfast sandwich and an orange juice.  I refuse to give anyone, who pan handles, money for fear that I am just supporting their addiction, but I do believe no one should be hungry in this country.   181 more words


How do you move on...?

How will I move on from this situation…?

Knowing that my husband has been wrongly convicted.

Knowing that some douche bag has gotten away with his lies. 137 more words


Fuck you and your selfies...

I can remain silent no longer. It’s time for humanity to push back, to resist the evil that has thus far swept aside all  those in its path who have tried to resist. 1,652 more words


You Might be a Douche-Bag Apologist if...

I’m not saying this applies to you if you’re only guilty of one or even a few of the following; but, it’s safe to say that if you routinely do more than 4, you might be a douche-bag apologist… 734 more words

General Presup Issues

By Bus! By Bus!

Another flattering depiction of an episode in my life by paper artist Elise Nelly Chanel. It’s a rare thing for me to lose my way on a country road, but when I do … I don’t turn into a douche bag that smokes while everyone else carries the bags as this picture might have you believe!