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Put Faith To Work!

There are many times in our lives when faith is not so easy and doubts arise. We start to doubt ourselves because things may not be going our way and who wants these not-so-enjoyable moments anyway?! 39 more words


Let Us Come Boldly

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Hebrews 4:16, a verse I’ve chosen as my personal theme verse.  It’s a very simple verse, but it is a powerhouse for those who apply it. 638 more words


And then, the doubt monsters...

With everything moving so quickly with Eve (the sexting continues and we’re due to meet her on Saturday), I’ve found myself plagued with doubts. Are we opening a Pandora’s box by bringing another woman into our relationship? 250 more words


If you thought...

If you thought you knew him

he could be read like a book

Seeing is believing baby

turn the page –

take a look

If you thought you loved him…

75 more words
Kait King

You'll never know

Unless you try. Well we heard that a lot of times already.. You’ll never know unless you give it a shot and so on

We are bound to work what is not beyond our doubt -doubt with our capabilities and confidence. 185 more words


Self vibrate

vibrations reverbate
foreign notes
cultivating doubt
between space


Fear and Doubt

My friend texted me when I was on the way home from my 8 mile walk asking me if I wanted to go to a WSU baseball game and my mind is so funny because my initial response was “I love baseball, so yes” but my secondary response was “I don’t know…it’s on a Saturday and I have nothing planned but I would have to leave the house” 708 more words

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