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Day 19

Dear X,

I thought that I was getting a handle on this life without you, but last night a wrench was thrown into the gears and everything derailed.   456 more words


Journal #27- Big Dream

Topic: What stops you from making the first step towards your dream?
Doubt, definitely doubt. The dream is to have that great life. You know, with the house and the partner and the amazing career. 110 more words


Just remember... I'm not part of that club, ok?

This is mostly for myself, but also to my partner in crime.  Remember, I’m not part of the same club you three are.  I’m not getting the same info flow that you guys are, and am, in a manner of speaking, left in the dark. 255 more words


choice: 40

Forty seems enough for the day—agree? So, with that announcement made, the author will retire his sophisticated, erudite, and genius content to say adios to the imaginary audience. 15 more words

The Results Are In

This entry is about 2 weeks overdue. I was never able to find the words to type this. I finally decided to do it tonight but due to me waiting so long to type it I don’t remember everything that was said between Josh and myself during our discussions. 1,691 more words

The Predators

Congratulations you graduated! Welcome to the rat race, an endless jungle. Weeds and undergrowth block the path, danger around every corner. Predators from every direction will strike you without warning, consideration or mercy. 220 more words



As I watch television, cycle through social media, and listen to today’s music, I wonder if the key to getting by in life is only possible by doing everything that the world is doing? 794 more words