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What Would Your Job at Disney Be?

If you’re like me, getting a job at Walt Disney World sounds more like winning the lottery! I understand that work is work, but I have to imagine that being at the parks in the warm weather, music, and scenery would make up for any nuances. 114 more words

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If you love Disney/Pixar art, you seriously need to check out Risa Rodil. I honestly want to own every single Pixar poster she has created! 11 more words

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Preparing for the Blizzard!

Why am I still living here?

I should be in Florida, but alas, I can’t leave the family behind. Anyways, we are expecting to get 28″+ in the next 36 hours. 58 more words

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Well, someone's gotta win!


I’m not a gambling (wo)man, but it didn’t take much convincing to get me to throw my name in the hat for this! A winner will be chosen every day this month for a trip to stay at Cinderella’s castle. 52 more words

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New "Cinderella" Trailer... and opinions...

When I first saw that teaser trailer of just a glass shoe flash across my TV, I have to admit, I wasn’t thrilled at all. How can they remake this classic movie? 387 more words

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Under the (freezing!) Weather

I’m not sure if it’s because my town is under an arctic freeze right now, but I have been sick, sick, sick! I couldn’t even get myself to work yesterday, and slept for over 18 hours. 69 more words

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