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Aladdin: The Life Coach

I love Aladdin. The whole entire movie, everything about it. And I’ve complained here before that I’m super bummer that I don’t have it on DVD. 185 more words

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Why it ISN'T "The Fox and the Cat"

If you haven’t seen this adorable, like seriously too-cute-I-can’t-stand-it, video floating around yet, take the 45 seconds to watch it and smile. This is a video of a baby fox (Rupert) who is being reunited with his cat friend (William) that he hadn’t seen for a little while. 86 more words

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Inspiration for Pixar's "Inside Out" is Truly Touching

The Disney Insider released a personal look into the inside story of Pixar’s upcoming movie, Inside Out. Director Pete Docter and producer Jonas Rivera are interviewed together. 441 more words

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Little Bunnies + Disney = Aaaaww

There isn’t much more to say. This video from Oh My Disney is freaking adorable!

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"Tangled: The Musical Is Coming to the Disney Magic!"

I’ve never taken a Disney cruise – or any cruise, for that matter – but now I’m starting to think that it’s time to look into the possibility of taking a Disney cruise more closely. 137 more words

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The Creative Bloggers Award

I was truly honored to find out that I had been nominated by Natalie’s Mostly Disney Blog for the Creative Bloggers Award! *squeal*

Definitely check out Natalie’s blog for even more indulgent Disney reading! 157 more words

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Repeat After Me: Hakuna Matata

It’s one of those days that need reminding: No worries. *deep, deep sigh*

Hoping for the sun to show itself again soon, because the rain is not helping with my mood. 16 more words

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