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More Info on Moana!

After hearing about the newest Disney Princess movie, Moana, months ago, all mention of her seemed to disappear. Disney has certainly been keeping quiet on details regarding the newest member to the family, but recently they gave us a small – albeit taunting – look into the… 201 more words

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Special Post

This past Saturday, my family and I celebrated my father’s 60th birthday!

We were lucky to all be together to enjoy his special day. My father is an incredibly hard-working and ambitious guy, but he still knows how to have fun and be a little… goofy. 35 more words

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Mark Your Calendars: PBS Special this Fall!

Yes, we’ve barely entered summer and here I’m talking about a fall special – forgive me. But I knew if I didn’t post it now, I would forget about it completely, and this seems too good to miss! 428 more words

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Rocket & Groot *big sigh*

I feel like this could be the cover of a pretty awesome children’s book! When the movie first came out, I wasn’t sure if I really enjoyed it all that much. 95 more words

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90's Disney!

For those of you who may not know, I am a 90’s kid, through and through. We’re talking BackStreet Boys, moon shoes, enviable custom eraser collection, you get the picture. 41 more words

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Can You Get Them All?

I love sharing quizzes, especially after I get 100%! he he he

In this cool quiz, you have to guess which Disney movie it is, just by the opening scene. 15 more words

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