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Yesterday and Today


(BTW, the bull and Becca are both for sale, in case you know anyone.)


“Listen lady. Either we break this door down, or you bring us a snack. 36 more words

Daily Grass

Fence Jumper

This afternoon I only see the one black llama, and after many searches we still could not find the white one. After picking up Non from school, I see it up on the hill. 280 more words

Dorper Sheep


I asked her how many llamas they had, and she said over 60, down from the 100 since they started giving them away.

“I’ve got every kind of critter, but not near as many as my husband has tools, equipment, tractors…” I found that hard to believe, until we actually saw the place yesterday. 177 more words

Dorper Sheep

No Lambs. Yet.

And still, we wait… As of this evening, all the ewes still have big bellies and great appetites. Missy, Jolene, and Matilda are XXL blimps but so far none of them are off their feed. 275 more words


Exploding Barn

It has been musical chairs, having to have the heated water tank the central hub this winter.

The back corral has the bad Jersey bull, who has to be separated from everyone, and his bossy roommate, the bad horse who likes to kick calves in the teeth and run over sheep. 296 more words

Dorper Sheep

Brought to You By Yellow 428

By Chris Gandy

This morning I found one of our of Dorper sheep dead in the paddock. We knew her only by an identifying ear tag – Yellow 428. 358 more words

Chris Gandy


When people find out I have sheep they almost always ask “Why”? In truth I sometimes ask myself that very same question. Why sheep? Why not collect baseball cards, or spoons, like  168 more words