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Brought to You By Yellow 428

By Chris Gandy

This morning I found one of our of Dorper sheep dead in the paddock. We knew her only by an identifying ear tag – Yellow 428. 358 more words

Chris Gandy


When people find out I have sheep they almost always ask “Why”? In truth I sometimes ask myself that very same question. Why sheep? Why not collect baseball cards, or spoons, like  168 more words

Too Many Nameless Ones

We need your help. Once again we have sheep that need names. Some had names before they came here, some didn’t. We give them nicknames but then we have to explain to each other which sheep we mean when we mention them because we’ve never declared a proper name and the nicknames can change depending on moods, weather, latest antics… 151 more words


Fine Grassfed Lamb For Sale

The time is nearing to harvest our big fall lambs. I am not sure of the exact number we will have available after those already sold are processed, but I am saving many of the biggest ones till last. 620 more words

Dorper Sheep

Happy Fatsos

Ok, I could have called them happy, lazy, snobbish, standoffish fatsos, which they are,

all except one.  Him.

You can consider him stand-on-ish, and exhausted. 264 more words

Dorper Sheep


The guys left yesterday, so on Tuesday night they drove up the mountain to try and find Javier and bring him here for dinner again. They did find him and he was so very happy. 1,417 more words

Daily Grass

Peruvian Sheep Shock

Ok, so I got some of my facts wrong in my earlier conversation with Javier, the Peruvian sheep herder. As we lingered over dinner, he rapid fire answered question after question as we all sat in continued amazement. 869 more words

Daily Grass