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More Dorothy Day, Less Franklin Graham

David Brooks, whom I like personally from his television and radio appearances, but with whom I rarely agree, has a thought-provoking but quixotic op-ed piece… 784 more words


A Case For Sainthood

I walked for miles, pushing my brother in his carriage, often with my sister at my side, she usually holding onto the carriage too.  We explored until we were footsore, going up and down interminable gray streets, fascinating in their dreary sameness, past tavern after tavern, where I envisaged such scenes as that of the Polish wedding party in Sinclair’s story , past houses which were sunk down a whole story below street level for block after block. 226 more words

14th June 2015

God is our creator. God made us in His image and likeness. Therefore we are creators . . . The joy of creativeness should be ours.

~~Dorothy Day


There Was Joy In Being Alone

It seems to me that I spent much time alone in spite of the fact that I had two brothers and a sister.  There was joy in being alone, and I can remember happy hours after we moved to California.   73 more words

Why I am a Catholic: Like Grandfather, Like Grandson

I have written a guest post on Artur Rosman’s blog, in which I brag a little about how Catholic my family is. I mention my maternal grandfather, Philip Burnham, in the post, and in looking for a reference to link on him, I stumbled on the following passage of… 391 more words

The Dove

Poetry + Liturgy

Church kicked off with a Mary Oliver poem last week. 418 more words