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Do You Like Us?

 By: Adam

As an administrator of two social media sites (Mega Dads and The Art of Adam Leonhardt), and someone with my own personal Facebook account as well, I find myself spending too much time wondering what kind of exposure my content is getting. 734 more words


Theory of Me

My brain is flat and all the planets and Sun revolve around it.

Out-dated science seems to be embedded deep.

It’s time to go Darwin on my ass and evolve. 30 more words


101 Followers ! - Embrace the Dork Within!

I’ve reached 101 followers today which brings a smile to my face. I know that compared to others with thousands of followers that is not much of an accomplishment lol. 159 more words


YouTubers and the Haters

Ah, YouTube, it’s been with us for so long. It brought us Smosh, Equals Three, Pewdiepie, and so many more channels that we’ve all enjoyed. Everyone by this point has liked, shared, commented on, or viewed a YouTube video at some point in their lives. 550 more words


Temporary crown goes to the resurrected Frieza?

There was no post on Monday due to the fact that I had a dentist appointment that took much longer than anticipated, and hurt a good bit… I’m crappy when it comes to pain. 84 more words


Save the Dorks

So I’m walking down the street to the coffee shop where I do all my serious writing (well, I think it’s serious), minding my own business, when I pass this sign outside of one of the restaurants there. 345 more words

Bloggie Bits

A Joke From My Husband

Hubby: “What’s the difference between tuna, piano, and glue?”

Me: “I don’t know.”

Hubby: “You can ‘tuna’ piano, but you can’t piano a tuna.”

Me: Silence, staring… 30 more words