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The Dork Has Arrived

Seriously, I’m a hoax. I am not the dorkiest of dorks. My know-it-all friend named Google referred to a dork as a contemptible, socially-inept person. Well, I can name three of my friends off the top of my head, not including my mini cacti whom I have given names (and deserve another blog post). 112 more words

Dorkish Language

Japanese Mascots

Oh wow! Jon Oliver really hits this subject on the head, and WOW! The 2015 mascots for the US government are amazing!


"the problem with kids these days" or" fuck i'm getting old."

Originally written: just now, in conversation
“i hate the way he games
what bugs me is the WAY he does it
he looks up everything on fucking youtube before he plays it so he knows exactly what to do… 23 more words

Happy Hump Day

Mr. Peanit Budder is such a little weirdo. Just look at that smile. Hahaha….


Was my most recent pose off also my last?

Today,, I have something serious and personal that I want to talk about… last Saturday’s Pose Off at Louisianime 2015, which I used to announce to the attendees that I had been doing this event, created by my group, for the last 10 years. 504 more words


And For My Next Act...

With seemingly a zillion things on my mind today (full disclosure: groceries simply needed to be removed from the car), I did what perhaps a few of you out there have also done at some point: I used my car’s remote key fob to try and unlock our condo’s front door.  1,020 more words


January 24/15

Snow feels like a distant memory now…

Next week, the final two comics in this “series” (mess) of cartooning!