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Horsehunter On Course To Release New Album

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia Horsehunter’s debut album ‘Caged In Flesh’ is set to become something of a new and thrilling masterwork of the genre. The album is due for worldwide release 21 April via Magnetic Eye Records. 150 more words


The Fancy Room

I’m doom.

In a  fancy  room.

With blades in both hands.

The sword of Pain and the sword of Death.

Both double edged.

Can you count the total? 74 more words


If You Didn't Think Humanity Was Doomed Before,

What has happened to the human race? Were we always such monsters or did that come about via evolution? We’re supposed to be the best of all. 781 more words


Signs of Dooms day

He (the inquirer ) again said:  Messenger of Allah, when would there be the hour (of Doom)?
He (the Holy Prophet ﷺ) replied: The one who is asked about it is no better informed than the inquirer.

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Fuck a 9 to 5

I frequently read Forbes magazine and watch successful entrepreneurs testimonials on YouTube. And a lot of what I feel they have in common is the concept of doing what you love. 173 more words

Haxe challenge: Game #3 video

Game #3 is getting a bit complex with all the 3d objects and its containers. I coded this level creator to make it easier for me. 118 more words


#PAUSIBILITY: Is The ‘D’ In The D-Day For Doom?

Kindly slam that song Natural Mystic by Bob Marley into your stereo and let it roll as you read this piece.

The Yorubas will say: … 1,163 more words