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When Street Art Meets Street Food - Street Food Circus (Cardiff)

 When Street Art Meets Street Food

I’m not talking about juggling burger-makers or sword-swallowing chicken fryers; I should be clear, these are two entities combining for one big event in Cardiff. 721 more words


Donut FT @ The Cellar (Evanston, IL)

First sight: The trio span into view alongside a tiny pot for syrup and fruit bowl. I could tell from the fanciness of the presentation that this was the real deal. 385 more words

French Toast

Bad Donut Process Journal

I’ve started animating then playblasting scenes and putting them together. This week I have the first two shots which are close to being ready to render minus the lip sync on the birds and some other secondary animation. 25 more words


Oreo Donut from Peacock Donuts

This donut shop is only five minutes away from my school in walking distance. I’m surprised that from my four years of high school, and six years being close friends with the owner’s daughter, that I’ve never been here. 182 more words


Pączki Prayer

deargoddeargoddeargod pleeeeeeeze help me to find some Paczki this week! It’s too late to overnight ship them from Detroit. I had my first last year at Metropolitan Market and I thought those were gd dreamy as hell this thick moist egg hued dough with fruit jelly inside and fine sugar coated the size of a softball been thinking of it ALL YEAR it is a lent confession fat splurge donut…anyway people from Michigan say that MetMkt Paczkis aren’t that great so it looks like a trip to Michigan over Easter is in order! 20 more words

OakOak - Banksy vs Homer

C’est dans sa ville natale de Saint-Etienne que le Street-artist OakOak a décidé de “s’attaquer” au très célèbre banksy en reprenant une de ses œuvres symboliques “ 32 more words

Street Art

The Cronut

The evolution of donuts and newest fad in NYC foods. But also my new fat insecurity metaphor. Weight gains can be a new thing for you or even come at the most unexpected times. 35 more words