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Mike Klash - Don't Cry (ft Jay Scott)(audio)

A technical wizard turned new-age contender to the global dance spectrum, Mike Klash has more than held his corner with sparing yet succinct footsteps. Born in Transylvania, his time to shine would come amid a transition to the UK, where Klash would perfect his technical dexterity. 399 more words


Big Girls Don't Cry

Lies. All lies, Fergie. Big girls cry; they cry hard, they cry with purpose, they cry because they’ve been wronged. For the last two days I have bawled uncontrollably. 478 more words

Some things or people are worth the effort.


"If it's not worth your mascara, don't cry about it"

So my family’s hair dresser is this amazing woman who lived an hour away from us. Since I recently moved to Melbourne she is a flight and an hour drive away from me. 202 more words


Inspiring Monday- Smile!

Today I only wish to say few words about our emotions, as I find them very important in our everyday life. Very often we stop appreciating the experience when it’s finished. 89 more words

Inspiring Monday

We are not crying for them

Our loved ones already got to go home, we are crying because we don’t know how we are going to make it without them.  So many people don’t realize that.   12 more words