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Sam and Mel Visit

We’re always ready for visitors here at the Meadow.
Some seem a little more at ease than others! ;)

Animal Friends

Of Donkeys And Horses...

Almost four years ago, I signed the papers and became a homeowner for the first time in my life. I was still on Active duty with the Air Force, but was on final or terminal leave prior to retiring. 797 more words

Calling it a Day

Our first rainy day … and lovely it was. Before the rain set in I attacked the ‘ice falls’ that formed on the Bully Road. It was a shelf of ice that formed over the winter at the last flat spot before the road sloped down to the back paddock. 124 more words

Animal Friends

Face Plants

We are two couples with 3 kids so far going on at least 6 soon.  We love animals so we have started a farm.  Not just a normal farm….a crazy catastrophic farm (but we love it)!   97 more words

The Adoption Process

Ever have a day when you can't decide what pictures to NOT use?

No hat … no mitts … and the air was full of chickadees and finches. It really is spring – fancy that! Each year – it’s a surprise – that it  614 more words

Animal Friends