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The Donkey Whisperer

The Donkey Whisperer – Check it out! We’re featured in the summer issue of the Retired Teachers magazine – Renaissance.

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The Pasture is Always Greener on the Other Side (of the Fence Line)!

So … this morning’s job was fixing things so that yesterday’s excitement would not be repeated. Right after breakfast we headed out to figure out a new solution to the ‘greenbelt’ surrounding the back paddock. 269 more words

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He's UP ... and OVER!

It was a diamond day in these parts – blue skies, nice breeze, cool temperatures. The kind of weather that makes the grass grow while you watch it! 314 more words

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The Donkey and the Bird by Blair Gaulton

The Donkey and the Bird
Bird camped out;
on sleeping donkey’s back.
flies away;
after donkey’s tail tries to give it a whack.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)June 2015


Child's Play

It sure is wonderful how a child’s play can add to your day! We’ve had a wonderful kick around home day today. We read, watched a movie, drew pictures, created beaded and knitted masterpieces and explored. 12 more words

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Gramma Camp

There is never a shortage of action at Gramma Camp! We’ve had a wonderful day of hours and hours of outside fun. We’ve met Gramma Ede’s scurry of chipmunks, fed the donkeys treats, played with bubbles and enjoyed a touch of gymnastics with dash of artwork. Phew!

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Kindred Spirits Reunited

It was quite something to see Paco walk right up to Kyla for a good long hug this afternoon. The bond that these two formed three years ago is still as strong … or even stronger! 33 more words

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