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What's between your ears?

Darby and Bella have become the ‘Mutt and Jeff’ of the paddock. ;)

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4 ill-treated Donkeys, now rescued

Two mother donkeys and two calves (1 male & 1 female) were abused and ill-treated by a person in Mylapore. PFCI received a complaint from Ms Sneha about the same. 191 more words

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Little Grey Donkey by Nicloe Snitselaar; illustrated by Coralie Saudo (2011)

Every day Serafina goes to visit Little Grey Donkey on his little island.  There they play together and eat nice, crunchy carrots.  But one day Serafina doesn’t arrive and Little Grey Donkey begins to worry.  81 more words


I secretly enjoy the donkfest in freerolls

I guess its not much of a secret now that I have posted it here. But I do find the so-called “donkfest” as people like to call it on freerolls quite funny, even when on the losing side. 188 more words


S. and C.’s Excellent Adventure: Snowy things are (under)foot in Amman.

After my family left Morocco and I’d sufficiently recovered from New Year’s Eve food poisoning (thanks, Marrakesh!), I boarded a Qatar Airways flight to Amman. A long two-part flight, in which a nice Kuwaiti man offered me ketchup-flavored Lays chips and sprayed my hands with Armani perfume, followed, and I arrived in the Levant just as the second part of George R.R. 477 more words


Soakin' Up Sunshine

You can tell there is a west wind when the herd is sunning in the ‘northern’ paddock. As we popped out this morning everyone had found some place to be in the lee of the wind. 371 more words

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