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IT - Blog No. 25

When you consider that a computer responds to instructions which predate its reading of them, it becomes clear that unless there is a code-break written into the programme doing the instructing, there will be no halting the run of that programme. 163 more words


Soon You'll Be Able to Order Pizza Simply By Tweeting the Pizza Emoji

Sometimes ordering a pizza is just so complicated and tiresome. Luckily, Domino’s is about to change everything.

On May 20, the chain will launch a new system that lets customers in the U.S. 148 more words

Blacktip Island Domino Players Form Regional Think Tank

A group of Blacktip Island’s domino enthusiasts have filed articles of incorporation to become the Tiperon Islands’ first nonprofit, nongovernmental policy institute.

The Council for Regional Atmospheric Policy draws on a cross section of Blacktip Island society and will focus on economics, energy, social policy and fashion. 378 more words


This puppy likes to play dominoes

Did you notice that the dominoes were actually Minions Tic Tacs?


The Devil's Dominoes

Don’t “play” with the devil.  Do not even touch his dominoes-even with the lightest touch of your pinky finger! He is a master gamesman.  He will suck you in.  798 more words