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Double Take

Photography 101. Todays assignment: Double

In the cosy corner of an English pub, is the small room known as “The Snug.”

Here a log fire fills the room with warmth and the homely smokey aroma of burning oak. 84 more words

The Domino Effect

One of the perks of meeting up with old friends after a while is that you get a front-row seat as they pour out the stories they have collected over time. 352 more words


The 5 stages of supermarket with a toddler (the Kübler-Ross model)

I love toddlers. Toddlers are cute and funny and people stop to admire mine on a regular basis, which, for some inexplicable reason makes me feel like I am WINNING AT LIFE. 1,030 more words


Sitting to my right one Saturday afternoon, the Beast produced double-six; Gene Autry contributed six-four. 750 more words

Columns: Playing Solitaire With The Hermit Of The People

“Lord, I’m On “E”…Can I Get a Refill...Fulfilled?” Blog Series Part 2

*This entry is a part of a continuous series, reading the previous entries will help you follow without missing a beat*

I didn’t have time to promote or have a book release party for either of the books because my health took a dramatic turn for the worst. 1,245 more words

Sanjo Jendayi

Disney Cars Dominoes

Since Edward is a bit fascinated with Disney Cars, we’ve decided to try buying a Domino and teach him the concept of the game.

The first instruction was okay. 77 more words

Great Ways

Great Ways

It’s your go They said
He slammed his hand on the table
Yelling DOMINOE!!
Fool we playing spades they yelled
Well Yall next move came to late he said… 168 more words