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Mature Domination

This beautiful mature woman makes a stop in the middle of his daily training to show her? Slave that she is the boss. First she forces him to lick her feet, and then she forces him to suck her big cock. 8 more words

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Dominate The Dummy – Part 2 Of 4

HD – With his head wrapped in pantyhose the dummy is on all fours and gets his balls kicked hard. She sits down on his back for some foot worship and loves to use him as human furniture. 68 more words

Female Domination XXX

Gemini And The Shadow – Part 3 Sd Mp4

Pleasure and pain, Gemini has his balls covered in clips and the powerful jackhammer vibrator is buzzing away on his cock making his pelvis and hands spasm. 65 more words

Female Domination XXX

Journal 5 - Breath play

ATTENTION: breath play is EXTREMELY dangerous and can be fatal.

i’m going to be talking a little dirty today… you can ask my Master however, i’m not the best at dirty talk ha. 597 more words


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I love this post by @throughtheeyesofaswitch! This is something that my D💗ddy and I have been researching and playing with for several months. Until my D💗ddy and I experimented, I did not know I enjoyed breath play, now it is something that brings both my D💗ddy and I great joy and excitement as well as connecting us. My D💗ddy loves how willingly I submit to him, how much domination and aggression it provides him. I love when my D💗ddy has his hand around my neck and is on top of me, I can feel the weight of his body, look into my D💗ddy's eyes as he slides his beautiful dick deeper into my pussy. Breath play has become something that has brought us closer together. We are now trying to be more creative and experiment with different positions as D💗ddy restricts my breath. One of my favorite experiences happened recently as D💗ddy and I were having anal sex and D💗ddy was able to restrict my air...I came so hard on my D💗ddy's dick!

Kiss, Lick Swallow

Mistress Bonnie Rotten takes foot domination to a whole new level as she dishes out more more then a taste of her size 7.5 feet. She rewards her foot bitch with a special treat of her Goddess Squirt for being able to handle her vicious toes being jammed deep down the back of his throat. 8 more words

Female Domination XXX