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Horrid people. How I wish they were monsters.

But they’re not. Just people who’ve been broken or twisted.

If people were monsters, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with Halfman: his horns would have been showing even while he ran his long, tree frog fingers through my coiff. 71 more words

Super TriggeredI

I am super triggered. I hate feeling like this. Anxious, impatient, bossy, I end up ordering my kids around. Which triggers them, too. Hold on, let me give one of them a backrub and a reminder of proper bedtime behaviour, so I don’t just bark orders at him. 532 more words

New Meds

Well, it’s been a long few months. Very trying at times some more than others. Finally! Got in for my meds appointment.

Starting on Wellbutrin and Buester as of today. 67 more words


Anna Hope – Wake (2014)

Why can’t he just move on? 

Not just him.  All of them.  All of the ex-soldiers, standing begging in the street, boards tied around their necks. 

1,395 more words
Social Justice

Chloe: chapter one

Katherine looked on with a mixture of amusement and disgust as Chloe stuck the spring roll into the microwave, and set the timer for two minutes. 3,042 more words


JP Presser: Ray McDonald might be out of chances

One month ago I posted a JP Presser addressing the apprehension Bears fans had about the pick-up of Ray McDonald. I tried to be the voice of reason about the situation. 443 more words