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The Girl with the Pink Dolphin

There were plenty of people on the Metro that day, as is to be expected on a Friday evening in the nation’s capital. It was the usual crowd of disgruntled government workers, temps, tourists, and a few stragglers wearing Nationals and Capitals jerseys. 510 more words


Jumping Through Hoops

I went back to work this week and, let me tell you, one week off for Spring Break was just not enough! Yes, I was able to relax and get a lot of work done on the site, but going back to work is never easy. 102 more words


Counting sleeps

On Saturday, we finally told Emily she was getting her dream to go to Florida to see (and meet) Winter and Hope

On Sunday morning, I took our calendar down to count sleeps with Emily and found that April 1st to 12th were circled. 146 more words

Cri Du Chat Syndrome

Sarasota unRavel.us Interview

Short interview with Malcolm J. Brenner by Kat Dow of unRavel.us, a web site of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune newspaper.  Being where Brenner lived during the time, the early 1970’s, Sarasota is “ground zero” for the “Wet Goddess” story.   45 more words


Right before spring break at the beach.

The laughing gulls were pairing up. Chasing each other and fighting over the ladies.

Young herring gull with a snack.

Blurry picture of a barn swallow. 82 more words

Bird Photography

Day137 - Dolphin

I made a dolphin rubber stamp long ago, but this one is a little different. Today I used black rubber block and it’s hard to see the details.

Rubber Stamp