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Keith's Macro Notebook 3/30: China | USD | Oil

Hedgeye, Mar 2015

Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough shares the top three things in his macro notebook this morning.

Time: 03:18


Islands Grow and Dollars Shirk

So much going on in the world today, isn’t there?

This specific topic of three catching my interest today: China is ambitious. Hardly new information, there, but the particular way China is ambitious lately is geopolitically important. 334 more words


Emerging Markets Troubled by Soaring US Dollar

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Written by Milan Amini (@MilanAmini1)

As the US dollar continues to climb and the US Federal Reserve tightens monetary policy and gears up to raise interest rates, central banks in emerging markets seem to be facing quit a few problems. 402 more words


Inflation Alert: College Textbooks

Recent data compiled is showing college textbooks are rising at a double digit rate. The National Association of College Stores has price comparisons on new textbooks college students buy. 67 more words


Overseas Bond Issuances- The call of the dollar

- Abhinav Baruah

The Indian economy has been dependent on banks to finance any project. Only in the 1980s was some activity

witnessed in the primary market for corporate bonds, whose issuances were undertaken by PSUs. 2,345 more words


Ekonomi AS Melambat Kuartal Keempat 2014

Washington, (Analisa). Pertumbuhan ekonomi AS menyusut pada kuartal keempat seperti yang dilaporkan sebelumnya dan laba perusahaan setelah pajak tergerus akibat penguatan dolar AS merusak pengeluaran bisnis di masa depan. 170 more words


Harga Minyak Kembali Menyerah Dibawah Harapan Hapusnya Sanksi Iran

Harga minyak mentah di bursa komoditas Amerika Serikat pada akhir perdagangan Selasa dini hari kembali harus menyerah kalah di teritori negatif  (31/3). 322 more words