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The Word of my Friend

Did you ever feel like God was trying to send you a message?  At every turn you see the same words, almost as though they were written on billboards specifically for you? 800 more words

Cara Sukses

Ahad kemaren Saya diajak ke Sate Klathak Pak Pong. Ruame sekali. Dua sisi jalan itu penuh semua parkirannya. Batin saya waktu itu “ini pasti pemiliknya cuma tinggal bagian mikir aja”.  300 more words

Did You Know?

This is Not Going to be a Post About Getting Hurt

Never life is what seem you.. Uh, hold on. I meant: Never is life seem what you. Oh goodness. Ehh hem. One second.

*Breathe . . 418 more words


Monday Motivators: Being vs. Doing

“There are some people who go through life doing things rather than being,” said my best friend on the other end of the line. I knew where this was going, what she was hinting at. 489 more words



There is genuinely a time for everything.

When you allow yourself to let things be in your life, you do lose a sense of control. Your expectations no longer matter that much, because Life never was about you anyways. 194 more words


Action Potential

reality flows from the deep end to the other

alarming immediacy

vibrating bones

til concentration explodes into frenetic madness

released it settles back slowly

like and old man in a chair… 29 more words

Poetic Words

Hello online blogging community!

How is everyone doing? I am doing wonderful. At the age of 32, I am less than two months away from gaining my Masters degree in Psychology. 276 more words