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Johann Heinrich Heidegger (1633-1698) on sanctification

“The greatest need is for sanctification. We are not elected merely to be purged of sins by the blood of Christ and regenerated to faith, but also to a serious purpose out of a pure heart.

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Petrus van Mastricht (1630-1706) and Amandus Polanus (1561-1610) on Christ’s descent into hell

Every Sunday, Christians around the world confess the Apostles’ Creed during worship. Sometimes referred to as the Apostolic Symbol (based on its Latin title Symbolum Apostolicum… 626 more words

Dogmatics/Systematic Theology

Augustine (354-430) on why God makes sheep of some, and not others


“But wherefore does God make these men sheep, and those not, since with Him there is no acceptance of persons? This is the very question which the blessed apostle thus answers to those who propose it with more curiosity than propriety, “O man, who are you that repliest against God?

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Dogmatics/Systematic Theology

Basil the Great (c. 329-379) and Gregory of Nyssa (c. 335-395): We may know the attributes of God, but not His essence


Basil the Great (c. 329-379), in Letter 234, argues that we cannot know God in his essence, as he is in himself, since he infinitely transcends us and dwells in light inapproachable. 605 more words

Dogmatics/Systematic Theology

Basil the Great (c. 329-379) on the distinction between οὐσία and ὑπόστασις



“The distinction between οὐσία (ousia=essence/substance) and ὑπόστασις (hypostasis=person) is the same as that between the general and the particular; as, for instance, between the animal and the particular man.

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Dogmatics/Systematic Theology

Robert Rollock (c. 1555-1599) on the imputation of Christ's righteousness in the covenant of grace


“IN the free Covenant of Grace, or of the gospel, the first ground is our Mediator Jesus Christ, crucified also, and dead; or, which is the same in effect, the blood of the Mediator, the virtue whereof is twofold.

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Dogmatics/Systematic Theology

Francis Roberts (1609-1675) on how the sacraments confirm the New Covenant unto us


How do the two sacraments – Baptism and the Lord’s Supper – confirm the New Covenant unto us? Francis Roberts (1609-1675) discusses this question in his work… 1,147 more words

Dogmatics/Systematic Theology