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Things that go slurp in the night

Warm dog breath exhales.

The fresh scent of cat litter

slurps out with her love.


Dreaming of cesspools,

the disquieted mind wakes

to sparkle-smile eyes. 23 more words


The Yellow Ribbon Project - What you should know

This idea has been making the rounds pretty regularly over the past few months and so I felt it time for me to weigh in. The thought behind this is that a yellow ribbon, or a yellow collar or leash, will notify people around you that your dog needs space. 314 more words


Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

Many would say that dogs and other animals and insects  has the ability to perceiving of what’s going to happen. Many stories and experiences were told that their pets were able to foresee the future even with farm animals which I read from an article that their cattle feeds voraciously before a storm. 231 more words

Early Years

Redirected Aggression in Dogs

As any police officer can tell you, domestic violence calls can be tricky. The officer arrives at the home where a couple’s heated argument has progressed to violence. 597 more words


Who’s a [Good, Bad, Anxious, Happy, Aggressive, Calm] Dog?

I recently attended a two-day workshop with TTouch practitioner Lori Stevens. Of the many tips and techniques that stuck with me, this stands out: We tend to label dogs’ behavior rather than describe it. 616 more words

The Thinking Dog Blog

Hazard free jogging

This blog is about humans. Humans jog, they don’t run – look at their pace! They are slow. That is not running. Dogs run. 418 more words

All Kinds Of Cookies

My Little Runaway

The image staring back at me from the computer screen was too cute to ignore.  He was dark and handsome with a boyish grin and smiling eyes.  1,422 more words

Dog Behavior