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Why do you want a greyhound?

When you apply for a greyhound via a rescue organization, they’re probably going to ask you why you want a greyhound.

B and I had a long list of reasons, including our ability to care for a large dog and our desire to give a racing dog a good home. 213 more words

Give Your Dog A Task Each Day

By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – All canines, since having a strong heritage of structure and pack order, naturally possess an ingrained predisposition to “earn” or work. 229 more words

Heard On


“Magic, you have an email, looks important…”

“What…something about my $23 million  inheritance from Nigerian relatives, and I am required to pay a $1,000 transfer fee?” 826 more words

Border Collie

Copy Cat

Most books and articles of the “greyhound literature” assert how different greyhounds are from other breeds.  Greys are said to behave, react, and play differently because, up until adoption, they have only ever been around other greyhounds.   530 more words

The Gingerbread Man

A dear pal ‘o mine sent me this stuffed gingerbread man as a howliday present. Cute, huh? It was a thoughtful gift. And I appreciate it. 365 more words

The Scottie Chronicles

The power of surprise

In my last post I wrote about how to make your dog come to you. I suggested to use a toy or a yummy treat to make it worth while for your dog to come to you. 585 more words

All Kinds Of Cookies


I named him “Keeper” to make a statement. He had been given up by the prevailing authorities as unadoptable when only several months old, and because of that, he was on death row at a pound. 804 more words

Dog Behavior