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The American Healthcare Mess ...

… It May Get Messier

June should be on the radar of millions of Americans who currently receive subsidized health insurance as part of the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA). 608 more words


Summer Time Blues

I was going to tell you all about how awesome RR was and then I realized you already knew that and so I decided to tell you how awesome I’m not instead. 344 more words


Millennium - Goodbye Charlie (Review)

This May and June, we’re taking a trip back in time to review the fifth season of The X-Files and the second season of Millennium… 3,389 more words


5 Reasons I'm Thankful I Have a Midwife...


A word, a title, a person…

For some it causes a raised eyebrow.

For me it causes a smile and a contented sigh.

I had no intention of having a midwife. 705 more words


Family Physician Makes House Call Medicine His Mission

Family physician Thomas Cornwell, M.D., of Wheaton, Ill., has been delivering house call medicine to mostly elderly patients for nearly 20 years.


Family Physician Makes House Call Medicine His Mission… 20 more words


Bruce Ippel: Pain medicine and book covers

The word “can't” in the catchphrase “you can't tell a book by its cover” not only can mean beyond difficult but also illegal or nearly so. 32 more words