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Doctor's Office cookies

These sugar cookies were made for an awesome doctor and his office.  My almond-vanilla sugar cookies were flooded with royal icing and then royal icing details were piped on.   48 more words

Doctor's appointments, do you really ever get in @10:15?

I doubt it.  Success in seeing your doctor at the scheduled appointment time is like a crap shoot, and typically not my luck.  I’m forever on time, I don’t know why, she never is and I keep forgetting to bring my camping gear to set up for the day. 211 more words


My Larynx Is An Asshole...

yeah, yeah it is. and i still hate having the damn thing there.

but the thing is, when you have some yahoo with a bit of training there who can declare the damn thing is healthy, it doesn’t matter. 470 more words

My Headspace

FML; Fuck my leg.

Annnnnnnd the doctor didn’t work out. They ran through one of the company’s that I WILL NOT go through. And! I wouldn’t have been able to go in any time soon. 441 more words

Just Talking

Why Does Everyone Want To Become a Doctor?

It’s a subject that has been debated by many. Why does everyone want to become a doctor?

“My son is becoming a doctor.”

“Oh my daughter is a doctor.” 416 more words


Acupressure for Weight Loss

All of the videos, ideas, and tips in this blog’s “Self Help” category are exactly that–things you can do to help support your body’s natural healing process.  130 more words


Updating the medical scene

Five years ago, just as I was leaving my teaching career, I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. I had been having numbness and tingling in my fingers for over a year. 642 more words

The World And My Place In It