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This guy

in the waiting room at my gyno’s office, is my kind of guy. 22 more words


Poem with an explanation: Tension


She sat inside the house,
on the sofa,
rocking her feet,
back and forth.

The time went slowly,

She knew the time, 548 more words


A Poem About My Heart

by Stephen Paden

I went to the doctor yesterday
she ran an EKG; I thought that was great
when she read the results, she said… 57 more words


Thank God I Keep One Handy

That moment when the nurse checking you in at your new doctor’s office says she has to take a picture of you for your file, and you reach into your purse and whip out your clown nose…


Chapter 16: Picture Day

Today was the “big ultrasound” day. Or, in my world, PICTURE DAY.

Marissa was kind enough to invite us to her appointment and see baby boy in action. 798 more words


15 Vintage Medical Photos Will Make You Glad It's 2015 - These Doctors Are FREAKY

Original post from Viral Nova

‘………..By Mike Cahill

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Mike Cahill

Mike is ViralNova’s resident Editor of the Weird. If it makes you say “OMG! 388 more words


The Waiting Room

Hey there!

So I am currently in the doctor’s office, waiting for my mom to be summoned into a patient room. I mean, I think that’s what they’re called? 406 more words

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