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Life's Worries

A couple of weeks ago, I took care of a patient who was admitted in the hospital for shortness of breath. She has COPD (CDOP if you’re obsessive-compulsive), a disease due to smoking, and went into acute respiratory failure. 506 more words


Connor Celebrates Birthday - Opens Medical Clinic

Little things can turn out to be big things. Sometimes, even the most important things.

“Mom, wake up,” a little voice said at the side of my bed. 556 more words


Toilet seat lid

When go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, make sure the toilet seat lid is up.


Fierce Females: Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

 A true inspiration! 

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is without a doubt one enormously fierce female. If you haven’t heard of  her listen up! Jill was, and still is, a well respected neuroanatomist (a fancy way to say a brain doctor/scientist) when one morning in 1996 she woke up to discover she was having a rare form of stroke and being a brain doctor knew exactly what was happening! 164 more words

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Find Your Niche

Dear Readers,

My last IATEFL 2015 on-demand session review brings us to Sheila Thorn, a woman of considerable interests and experience, who admirably did not begin by apologizing for her age, but instead by briefly stating the path which brought her to her present job/hobby. 389 more words

Business English

April 17th : Lymphatic massage.

So we had to go into Northampton again for mum’s treatment, thankfully not all the way into the town center, that’s nightmare!

This treatment is for a lymphatic massage, we weren’t surs it would work and the doctor said it was a last ditch treatment to help, but after an hour in her tender care mum was all ready doing better. 21 more words



“You know what to do.” 

Mags snapped her eyes open and sat upright in her bed, shivering. It was cold in the padded cell and she had been in and out of solitary confinement for about a month, scoping out the place and checking out its systems. 804 more words