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Delia Derbyshire's Dr Who: Feminism in Electronic Music?

On the 3rd of July 2001, British composer of electronic music and musique concrète (a form of electroacustic music) Delia Derbyshire died in Northampton, England. 939 more words


Donkey Kong mash-ups by BazNet

Deviant Art user BazNet presents Donkey Kong mashed with pop culture movies and TV shows in classic 8-bit pixel-art style. As a retro gaming fan, and massive geek, these designs tick all the right boxes. 91 more words

Star Wars

Doctor Who on Conan!!!

Every Whovian, Conan showed a clip from “Power of Three” on last night’s Conan. It’s a miracle everybody!!!


Doctor Who's companions keep each other company at Comiccon

Doctor Who is a very popular, 53-year-old British science-fiction show. The Doctor is a Time Lord who, with a companion, travels through time and space in a blue police box. 213 more words

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A diehard fan's primer on Comiccon

Comiccon is to geeks what Halloween is to kids. Where else can you use a voice-changer to talk like a Dalek, go to a conference called The Idiot’s Guide to Grading Comic Books and be warned to check all weapons (no, they’re not real) before entering the exhibition hall?  879 more words

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#PhonePhill - Conversation #8: Mac McSharry

Mac McSharry! @MacBullitt!

Damn, I need a third name for him to make that opener work properly. The rhythm’s all askew now. I wish I’d gotten a third name for him during the TWO HOURS we were nattering. 1,492 more words

My Way

Terror of the Autons

Enter the Master!
So dawns a lifetime dread of
plastic daffodils…

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