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Dalek Booties


Joining the Dalek Diaper Cover, I made the matching Dalek Booties. I crocheted bobbles around the cuff to mimic the Dalek’s spheres. Technically, Dalek doesn’t have feet – well, it has wheels :P If Daleks had feet, they might outrun the Doctor! 86 more words


The shopping blues...

“Mom, I can’t find a clean shirt to wear,” Jeremy said ten minutes before we needed to leave for the bus.

I got rid of all my larger shirts a month ago but that didn’t stop me from frantically pawing through my shirt drawer and closet just in case I missed something, anything. 432 more words


Doctor Who is Forever

In an unexpected change of events during the morning, I wound up hauling a piano in my truck to my house. In an even bigger twist, I wound up giving a nice elderly man (I think he said he was 72) a ride home since he lived maybe a block from me… 76 more words


What I Learned Taking My Children to a Comic Convention

My oldest is 13 – my youngest is 8, so I have been riding this train for a while now. It’s taken me most of this time to realize that I can plan and try to foresee issues until I am about to pull my hair out; only to find that what I thought would be an issue was nothing, and vice versa. 514 more words


The Lazarus Experiment

“Doctor what?”
Cliché resisted! Ten turns organ
up to eleven.

Doctor Who

10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Doctor Who

1. It is the best form of escapism, which is why it is the worst form of escapism. Doctor Who is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 570 more words