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If WILL SCARLET … Broke the Economy

A continuation of “If Will Scarlet Took Me Out

Ah, browsing a book store with Will Scarlet… That would be one part potential embarrassment, one part envy over all the books that are on display where my own are not, and the rest of the parts awesome. 789 more words

Fictional Fun

Balancing Act

Big Finish Folly, Part 29e – Equilibrium, by Matt Fitton

Following the trail of the missing Tardis component, the Doctor and his companions crash through an energy barrier and arrive on the bell-jar mini-world of Isenfell, which is locked into a perpetual winter. 477 more words

Doctor Who


Written by Scott Tipton, David Tipton with Tony Lee
Art by J. K. Woodward

Volume One
Collects issues 1-4.
Published October 2012 by IDW Publishing. 773 more words

Doctor Who

Welcome to 'Trolling from the TARDIS'

As something of an introduction to our blog, I thought I would recycle something I wrote a couple years ago when I was pondering what it was about… 1,053 more words

Bigger On The Inside

Keys of Marinus: The Snows of OMG This was Terrible!

I’ve thought about this blog post all damn day. Mostly about how I didn’t want to write it because I found the whole episode a boring 24:47 minute snooze-fest. 185 more words

Doctor Who

Soviet Mission to the Daleks

On a Soviet Cultural Mission to Britain in 1966, the Deputy Chief of the Soviet Star Film Industry Committee, Nadezhda Volchenko, visited Shepperton Studios to see the completion of filming for ‘Daleks invasion of Earth 2150AD’. 6 more words


Doctor Who Review: Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone

This is one of those stories that I have trouble talking about, mostly because I like it so much but I can’t articulate fully what it is I like about it. 709 more words