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DIY Magazine Clutch Purse

Remember this clutch I made last year? Well, I just saw some pictures on my iPad and decided to give you guys a picture tutorial. Lazy me….hehehehe. 108 more words


TMNT Skirt: Sew What's in Your Wardrobe?

Hello there! I made it a second week in a row! If you have been following this page at all, then you know that when I write “I’ll be updating this page often now”… I don’t, haha! 627 more words


Creative Outlet in Zentangles

My name is Maria Hartemann and I have become a pattern addict. I admit it. I used to be so creative before I learned to read patterns. 272 more words

Do It Yourself

Firework Ignition System

My friend David contacted me one day and asked me if I had any experience building ignition systems. He wanted to build a system to launch fireworks from a safer distance. 795 more words


DIY Model Rocket Launcher

I’ve always loved making and flying model rockets, and I have started building and designing my own. Estes makes rocket launching systems that you can use to launch all the kit rockets, but I designed a rocket that has three engines in a “cluster”, essentially meaning that I wanted all three rocket engines to burn at the same time. 702 more words


Broken Showers But Not Dreams!

Sunday started out peaceful enough. I slept in until 6am! I was up at 2am playing pyramid solitaire though lol. Got up, practiced yoga, showered couldn’t walk ’cause it was raining. 164 more words

Life As It Happens