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DMA234: Website Design Analysis


An award winning website, Aquatilis.tv, is an informative/educational website about the ocean expedition called “Aquatilis”. The motivation of the website apparently divided in two directions: first, to raise the funds required to make the scientific “adventure” possible; and the second is to deliver the scientific explores and discoveries by a team of scientists, photographers and other crew members. 244 more words


DMA 234: Texturing composition

On the left, obviously, untextured image with objects. Right next to it is the textured version of the same file. For this assignment I used mask magic wand tool + mask, plus additional texture images.


DMA 234: "Leonard Cohen", website mockup design

Here is the Mr. Leonard Cohen website mockup designed in class. Due to the time restriction the page is missing bottom part which is suppose to be an interactive player including the playlist selection.


DMA 133: Bridgestone commercial design

The “client” is Bridgestone company and the project is about to create a commercial for the.. tires! Obviously. The two different adds should be layout and executed in Indesign, applying additional affects in Photoshop or Illustrator when necessary. 117 more words


DMA 133: Vectorized Design Matrix

For this assignment we had to create and draw down elements of design based on the design concepts sheet. After it was sketched in the particular chart form, the highest evaluated elements was traced in Illustrator and recreated in raster elements. 14 more words


DMA 101: Monkey illustration

This small assignment was a practical preparation for the final vector illustration project (Predator). We were supplied with the author’s sketch work to use as a reference. 63 more words