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Sleep Mask

If your bedroom is anything like mine, it is well lit even when you don’t want it to be! I’m specifically talking about nighttime. At the end of a long day, we are in need of some good ole fashioned, uninterrupted sleep! 568 more words

Easy Boutique-Worthy Blanket in 5 Easy Steps!

My first real sewing project was a minky blanket, and I’d always recommend this (especially a baby blanket) as a first project. The reason: it requires no pattern, only a simple tutorial, its hard to screw up, and its like riding a bike…once you’ve made one, you’ve got it down forever. 741 more words


DIY Lavendar Relaxation Pouch

My original intention for this bag was to soothe a sinus headache.  Allergy season came from nowhere and attacked!!!  It was really bad y’all!  Since then, I’ve used these bags as a heating pad for sore achy muscles, scented sachets for my drawers and closets, and as well as an addition to my at home spa day!  332 more words


Dabbling in Mixed Media

So…  I needed a little pick me up for some one.  My sister has been dealing with a health issue that docs say isn’t a big deal, but to her and those of us around her, seems to be quite scary.   397 more words

DIY: Painted Pots

We recently visited the flower market in downtown Los Angeles and hit the jackpot with some gorgeous succulents and flowers. Naturally, we needed somewhere to house all these great finds, so we picked up some classic terra cotta pots. 136 more words



When I was a kid we never went out and spent a lot of money on Mother’s Day gifts.  It was a from the heart kind of day.   327 more words


Mother's Day Diy Gift Ideas!

I’ve decided since funds are a little tight right now that I’m going to do all Diy Mother’s day gifts for my mom this year plus she’s a huge crafter just like me (where’d you think I got it from?) & she knows how much work goes into handmade items so she actually prefers them over store bought things… 82 more words